Coroner Preview: “LJND”

This week, on the conclusion of the Coroner two-parter, Cassidy’s retreat gets serious in a hurry while Jenny, River, and Dennis try to piece together exactly who’s calling the shots in her wellness organization.

Coroner 408

That puts McAvoy in a precarious position, especially when he follows her and is forced into the same increasingly uncomfortable “face your fear” exercises that she is.

The upside of the case is that it chips away at McAvoy’s residual anger and gives him a newfound perspective on holding onto your people.

At the office, the team is comparing notes on older cases where people died under circumstances that looked like one thing but could definitely have been another. And they’re racing against the clock with both McAvoy and Cassidy potentially in danger.

Coroner 408

Gordon and Peggy try to find balance as Gordon continues to slip, and Peggy has to determine how tightly she can hold on to reality and still lean into Gordon’s version of the truth.

The super creepy but very well done episode was crafted by writers Lindsey Addawoo and Nathalie Younglai and beautifully directed (despite the uneasiness of the plot) by Adrienne Mitchell.

Coroner 408

Coroner airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. (8:30 p.m. NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. The first three seasons are streaming now on CBC Gem, and all our previous coverage is here.

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