Coroner Preview: “Heartbeet”

{Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week on a new Coroner, the team is pulled into the mystery surrounding the death of a toddler, who we never actually see onscreen, a kindness for viewers who would be traumatized. Even without the visuals, the case is disturbing, and it deeply affects not just Jenny and McAvoy, but the whole team. And it sheds a little light on Eli’s chip on his shoulder.

Coroner Season 4

The case also puts Jenny and McAvoy back in close proximity with people from their past. For McAvoy, that means trying to play nice with social worker Cassidy (Kate Corbett), who makes a move against the baby boy’s single mom, Max Williams (Samantha Kaine), by taking custody of her older daughter until they can prove cause of death. He’s also still juggling his friction with Malik.

Coroner Season 4

For Jenny, her investigative thoroughness winds up requiring a consult with a certain crown attorney once she realizes the case is not what it at first seems to be.

Coroner Season 4

Gordon and Peggy are also figuring out the lines between past and present as who they were then, who they are now, and who they will be as Gordon’s illness progresses bring a flood of variable emotions. And there are moments of levity, too, as the whole family still finds joy in each other.

Coroner Season 4

Laura Good wrote the episode directed by Samir Rehem.

Coroner airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. (8:30 p.m. NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. The first three seasons are streaming now on CBC Gem, and all our previous coverage is here. Here’s a sneak peek.

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