Christian Slater Chats about His Expanded Role on Archer

Four hours to go until the Season 6 premiere of Archer, and up next is this clip featuring Christian Slater! He plays the aptly named Agent Slater on the series, and although we’ve seen a bit of him in past episodes, his role is much bigger in the upcoming season.

I’ve been a fan of Christian Slater since I was a kid (Legend of Billie Jean and Pump Up the Volume, anyone?) so I still can’t believe I actually took part in this round table and met this person whose posters adorned my walls!

Slater’s CIA agent character is the new boss, so all of the other characters have to adjust to answering to him … especially Malory. They not only report to him, but he’ll be sending them off on missions. Slater also teased that he will be helping out with the baby a bit, and causing some problems for Archer and Lana.

He also mentioned that he was a fan of the show before he became a part of it. He watched it with his wife, and then reached out to series creator Adam Reed, which led to this role.


Watch Christian Slater in Season 6 of Archer, starting tonight at 10 ET/PT on FX in the US and on Teletoon in Canada!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte.  Copyright © 2014

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