Caught Preview: “Old Wounds”

In the second episode of CBC’s new limited series, Caught, David and Roy recover from the car accident and follow different paths forward.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Caught on CBC

For Roy, that means teaming up with KC, who also has some insight into his missing daughter. For David, that means balancing the job for Hearn with a small window to run a personal errand. And we pick up with Jennifer and her daughter in Montreal, where we discover she had her own reasons for being so angry about losing David to Hearn and the drug deal.

Caught on CBC

Down South, Hearn is pretty close to panic mode working out financing with Andre Lefevre (Saul Rubinek). His stress is made worse by a nagging toothache, which bookends into who Cyril used to be. Ada keeps stirring the pot with both of them, which feels like a particularly dangerous gamble.

Caught on CBC

The episode moves at a more normal pace since we’re not doing the breakout/chase thing and allows for more backstory and character building, so that’s a win. Director T.J. Scott also uses split screening in a few spots to make an efficient use of screen time for dual-track scenes.

Caught on CBC

I’m really glad Charlotte Sullivan got to come play. She’s fantastic with Hawco, and Rookie Blue fans will get a kick of seeing her share the screen with Enuka Okuma again. Jennifer’s energy is a little softer than Sullivan’s best-known characters on Rookie Blue and Mary Kills People, but she’s just as fierce in her decisions.

I’m also really digging this devil-may-care version of Greg Bryk. There are moments with Cyril where I suddenly remember that Bryk was Bitten‘s Jeremy and that seems so long ago. Cyril is definitely closer to Mary Kills People‘s Grady.

Caught airs Mondays at 9 pm E on CBC. If you missed the premiere, it’s online at CBC and on the CBC App. Here’s a sneak peek of “Old Wounds”

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