Jessica Jones Continues to Be the Most Real and Human Marvel Series

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which also means it’s Jessica Jones Season 2 premiere day. After previewing the first five episodes, I think we’re in for an interesting ride. Here are some spoiler-free thoughts on the ways that I believe Marvel’s Jessica Jones really shines in Season 2.

A more contemplative pace

This is a show about a superhero — albeit a reluctant one — but there’s way more conversation than action happening in these initial episodes. I actually enjoy this slower pace to establish the story, and hone in on the issues and themes at play.

There’s more than one way to deal with trauma

I really appreciate how Jessica Jones is able to depict the nuances with women who have experienced trauma. As dark as things can get for Jessica, this series doesn’t shy away from occasional moments of lightness or humour.

Family drama

There are no perfect, completely happy families — whether it’s a biological family, or people who come together to form a family of sorts. Jessica reveals a bit about the family she lost in that tragic accident that nearly claimed her life. She’s also navigating relationships with Trish and Malcolm, the closest thing she has to siblings. Then there’s Trish and her mom and that messy dynamic. Will these relationships make key characters vulnerable, or will it be a motivator?

Sexism can be subtle

While there is some very overt commentary on sexism and misogyny, the subject matter is also approached in a more subtle manner. There are a couple of moments that I’d say are great examples of how ingrained some of these sentiments are in our fabric — male and female. The tide is shifting and there’s a lot of work to do in unlearning these behaviours. Shows like this hold up a mirror so that we can recognize the changes that need to happen.

Jessica Jones is a series based on a comic book, but that doesn’t mean it has to be non-stop action. If anything, I’d say this is the most real and human of the Marvel TV properties. While some viewers may be craving a faster pace, I appreciate the time and care that the creative team is taking in really digging into the characters. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season, and seeing how these threads all come together.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix

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