Beauty and the Beast: Trust No One

I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea to spring a flash mob on someone who is armed, but that was just one piece of silliness on last week’s Valentine’s Day themed episode, where we did NOT get our kiss (called it!). I’ve decided I’m OK with that because, to me, Catherine and Vincent are more about emotion than heat, and the blocking on the near-kiss and Heather’s interruption didn’t suit the way they actually behave with each other. Until we get a better actual kiss, I’m going to stick with my preference of when their first kiss should have happened (but didn’t)—at the end of “Trapped,” when everything was out in the open about Cat’s mom and Vincent had saved Evan. But, in the reality of the show, that didn’t happen.

So, in “Trust No One,” we were again kind of all over the place.

Tess has moved on to actually sleeping with Joe and he’s telling her all the bullshit that men tell their girlfriends about their wives. Ugh. Run, honey.

Despite her freaking the hell out, Cat is helping Alex, who is being supremely stupid about keeping herself on the DL. When she gets a reporter friend killed, that puts her square in the crosshairs of Muirfield, and Evan’s not-girlfriend, Claire, who convinces her to help kidnap Vincent. Thankfully, Cat pieces that together before it goes down and gets Vincent, as well as Alex, out of there. Unfortunately, Cat doesn’t actually see Claire to put it together that she’s working for Muirfield.

The takeaway later, after they take Alex back to Vincent and TJ’s (which seems reckless) is that Alex concedes her relationship and tells Cat that whatever she and Vincent were doing was more about revisiting memories of a first love lost vs. found and renewed. She also tells Cat that she realizes now that Vincent loves her. Then Cat puts her on a bus and the Muirfield rep takes a seat right behind her. So we’ll either have to rescue Alex again soon, or hear that she’s disappeared.

Heather gets a job working PR for an event for Joe. She greets Valentine’s Day by buying herself chocolates and making a dinner reservation for herself and then has a meet cute with Joe’s brother, Darius, who immediately asks her out for dinner (on Valentine’s Day). Because that always happens in the middle of a police station when you tell someone you just met that your sister is a detective and his brother is her boss.

Evan finds Claire in his lab and confronts her about her spying and sabotage and she tells him that he’s either with them or he’s dead, so we’ll find out whether Evan’s smart/dumb/capable enough to play both ends against the middle. Tess catches Cat in the evidence lockup wiping Alex’s number off the reporter’s phone and calls her out on her secret keeping. Cat will only say she’s protecting someone and that’s enough for Tess to respond that she’ll be putting in for a new partner the next day, which seems extreme when she’s sleeping with their married boss.

But back to Cat and Vincent. Before the whole “Alex is in distress (again)” thing, he’s working overtime to prove he deserves Cat and she’s doing everything she can to prove she really doesn’t care about him that way anymore. Hence the flash mob, which follows roses he sends to work that Cat gives to Tess. He’s trying really hard to make the point that the ship has sailed on Alex, and that his feelings for her didn’t change while he was trying to pick things up with Alex (and that doesn’t seem to be one for the “pro” column, but, whatever). She’s not feeling that excuse, either. And, to me that felt false and quick, the same way the whole return of Alex felt.

Later, after Alex is safe and she’s handed Vincent off to Cat for the taking, he comes to her apartment and they dance around whether they can now move forward. She admits the whole not giving a damn thing was a sham and says they should just take it slow. He has other ideas and he moves in to kiss her when Heather comes bounding into the kitchen and flips the light on with a gleeful “I knew it” because she’s 12 like that.

So now Vincent is known to Heather, and he has a semi-manufactured backstory to go along with him. That should make the keeping track of lies and truth super easy, right? I’m not nuts about that development, or that we seem to be getting to critical mass on the number of characters. I still think Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan are doing really nice work together, even if I’m not feeling their characters right now. At least we have ten (or nine, depending on which episode guide you read) episodes left to sort it all out. And on the heels of early pickups for some of The CW shows, fans are already pushing for a second season. I think we’re set to get one unless the pilots they’re fielding blow the doors off.

Tonight’s episode is the last for sweeps and then we have a few weeks off until March 21st. Here’s a sneak peek of “Tough Love.”

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