The Ladies of Cult: Jessica Lucas and Alona Tal

I have been anxiously awaiting midseason series Cult since I saw the pilot last summer. The whole idea of a show within a show and a mystery at hand that blurs the lines between the two is highly intriguing to me. Tonight it makes its network debut, and we’ve got some video to get you up to speed! First up, we have the ladies of Cult – Alona Tal and Jessica Lucas!

Tal (known and loved for her roles on Supernatural and Veronica Mars) plays two roles – Kelly, the police officer on the show within the show who not only is trying to take down the cult, but was once a part of it; and Marti, the actress who plays Kelly. She was really enthusiastic about the endless possibilities with a series such as this and how many different directions the story could go. In terms of keeping her two characters straight, she said there are distinct differences in the way they are written, but that at some point, the lines between the characters could be blurred.

Lucas (formerly of CW’s Melrose Place and 90210, and NBC’s Friends with Benefits) talked about this new territory that she was is to explore with Cult, seeing that it’s so much darker and more intense in tone than her previous work. She also commented on how a 13 episode season works to their benefit and the difference it makes when a series airs after a season has already been filmed. And apparently, she’s kinda sarcastic and enjoys giving Matt Davis a hard time!

The series premiere of Cult is tonight at 9/8c on The CW (airing on CTV two in Canada – check local listings for times). If you just can’t wait until this evening, you can watch the pilot here (US only).

Video Copyright © 2012, Images Courtesy of The CW

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