You’re the Worst EP Stephen Falk on Season 2

You’re the Worst showrunner Stephen Falk took some time to talk about what’s in store for our fave quartet in Season 2. Girl problems for Edgar? Lindsay becoming self-aware? And how does cohabitation affect Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship? Read on, and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 10:30pm ET/PT on FXX.

How much will Gretchen moving in with Jimmy affect the overall storyline on the show?

It’s inherently problematic. It’s the next step in a normal relationship, a typical relationship, and yet it’s inherently hacky in that it could go real sitcom-y and real bad. A lot of domestic sitcoms have dwelled in cohabitation, and I’m not particularly interested in retreading older storylines that other shows have done and can probably do in a much more expedient and humorous way than I can.

It’s really functioning more as a way to finance their relationship rather than [to] generate a lot of story, although we do deal with what it means to live together in the first few episodes. Really, what it does is scare the shit out of them. Rather than watching “who’s going to do the laundry” arguments, we really got to see [what happens] when you make Jimmy and Gretchen take a step towards each other, towards domesticity. What does that do to them? How does it scare them? And in what ways do their fears manifest into behavior? That’s really where we were having the most fun this season.

What’s on tap for Edgar in the second season? 

After last season, I wanted to give Edgar a little more identity beyond just being a veteran. That’s one thing I heard from talking to veterans– in particular, one guy we had come in to talk to the [writers] room — that they like to be thought of as more, as we all would. This season, Edgar gets a hobby and has a love interest. But he’s always still dealing — as veterans who saw a lot of combat are — with the after effects of that. He’s trying to engage in the whole world, and be a normal dude with girl problems. He gets some fun stuff.

Will Edgar still be carrying a torch for Lindsay, especially after seeing that spark in the Season 1 finale?

Lindsay and Edgar will definitely go places, but I don’t think their story is written yet in this season.

Lindsay’s life was in shambles at the end of the first season. How is she dealing with her husband leaving her?

When we last see her, Paul announces that he’s divorcing her — he wants to “consciously uncouple” with her — for a woman who’s nice to him even though he hasn’t met her yet IRL. Lindsay [will be] floundering in the weight of having been abandoned by someone who she didn’t really love that much. We’ll watch her having to live on her own, which is a challenge both on a rudimentary day-to-day level, but also emotionally. We’ll see her become aware of Edgar’s crush on her that we saw during that song [in the Season 1 finale], and she will decide how to behave with that. Also, she’ll try to find her place now. If she’s not a wife of a guy who has a bit of cash, what is she now? So we find her on this road to self-awareness, but also she’s mad that Paul has a girlfriend and wants to destroy that.

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