TVD Fans – Win a Signed Copy of “Love You to Death 2”!

Congrats to our winners, Kristopher & Gilda! We’ll email you soon to arrange delivery!

Vampire Diaries withdrawal really sucks, but we’ve got a way to help you beat the blues until the new season begins next month …

We’re giving away 2 copies of Love You to Death – Season 2: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries, the follow-up to last year’s hit unofficial guide to Season 1 of TVD by Crissy Calhoun.

You can enter by answering the following question in the comments below: Which Season 2 character – dead, undead or alive – would you like to be trapped in the Salvatore basement with and why? We’ll be selecting two of the best comments to receive a copy of the book. There will be major points for creativity and answers that aren’t in the vein of “because he/she is so hot.”

Contest closes on Friday, August 26th at 11:59pm ET. We’ll select a winner on Saturday.

Good luck!

30 thoughts on “TVD Fans – Win a Signed Copy of “Love You to Death 2”!

  1. I would like to be stuck with Katherine Pierce in the Salvatore basement. I’d like to be stuck with her because I could convince her to help me get out. I would get out after she helped me and then I would lock her back in. 🙂

  2. Wow okay so i think i would like to be trapped with Caroline because i would rather have someone fun to talk to than one of the many hot guys on the show to make out with 😛 Another reason i would like to be trapped with Caroline is because she can make even the worst situation okay, she isnt big on silence so she would always have something to talk about even if it is a completely useless topic which would make being trapped in the Salvatore basement not so bad and we could also gossip about boys. Im love gossiping so me and Caroline would get on fine 🙂

  3. I think I would love to be stuck with Elijah. He is one of my favourite male characters on the show for one. The other reason would be is that I love history. I would love to listen to the events of the world as they happened in the past. Hearing it come from a first hand source would be amazing. I can sit and listen to that all day and night. Love to learn about the originals and how his family became what and who they are.

  4. I’d love to be stuck with Alaric. He’s a really badass character that takes pretty much anything that’s thrown at him. Honestly, he’s had to go through so much in just 2 seasons. More than any of the other characters if you really think about it. But that’s not the point. He seems like a great guy that I’d love to have a conversation with. Also, if we were stuck down there really long, at least he wouldn’t be a vampire that might get hungry… cause if he was, then I’d be the closest thing to fresh meat and that would not be cool ;).

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  5. Since my homegirl Katherine would kill me just as soon as look at me to get out, and basically anyone else would be all “let’s do it for Elena!”– if I had to be stuck in the Salvatore basement I’d want to be stuck with Alaric. He’s fun. He’s chill. He can teach me all about useful things like vampire hunting and history. And he probably has a flask on him.

  6. I want to be Caroline Forbes when I grow up. So I’d want to be stuck in the basement of the Salvatore house with Vampire Barbie so I can pick her brain about the difficulties of being a supernatural teenager when your mom is a vampire hunter and best friend is a werewolf. Maybe she can teach me how to get my hair in those perfect curls and how best to accessorize when you know you’ll have to be saving some hapless human the next time the Mystic Grill catches on fire.

  7. I would want to be stuck in the Salvatore house basement with Damon Salvatore because ..
    I would let him vent to me about all his problems in his life (Or umm.. death or never mind..) and elena problems and give him relationship advice even though he would probably know more about relationships than me, a 14 year old fangirl.. And then if he started to cry I would comfort him and tell him that him and elena would end up together one day and that Stefan is out of the picture. Either that or I would just tell him to turn me into a vampire so I could have eternal life, compelling powers, super speed and hearing. I would make a deal, turn me and I will be your therapist for tonight. Yeah.. sounds good.

  8. I would like to be trapped with Bonnie, because she’s the only one who could actually get me out. She’d do a spell and we’d be free! And if it took her a little while to figure out a spell, she could entertain us with some other spells. Like maybe a spell that will show us what two random friends’ kids would look like if they ended up reproducing.

  9. If I’m trapped in the basement, it better be as Damon’s prisoner since that vampire can have and keep me for all eternity. Do I really need a reason, hello have you looked at him – those eyes are just hypnotizing.

  10. I would like to be trapped in the basement with Damon because we have a lot in common.We think love is overrated and we both like to make our siblings life a living hell,even though we love them and don’t show it.Also because we shut our emotions off a lot. Last but not least we would not be bored together 😀

  11. Hmmmm, I would have to choose Elena. Sure people might say that she’s boring, but she is genuinely a nice person. We would probably have great conversations about all of the problems that are going on in her life and how she can fix them. Also, another reason that Elena would be a great choice would be because HELLOOOOO! everyone is always saving Elena, so that would be their top priority. We would get out much quicker due to the fact the whole Scooby Gang will be trying to get her out 🙂

  12. Okay if I was stuck in the Salvatore Basement i would have to say I’m torn between Stefan and Alaric. But I would say he is loyal and he is always willing to help anyone out. He has proven this not only with Elena, but with Damon, Alaric, Jenna, Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler even though some of them didnt deserve to be saved. I would also love to hear about what the last 162 were like from someone who has lived through it.

  13. I would like to be trapped in the basement with Bonnie because she could use her powers to send a message for help.

  14. I would want to be trapped with aunt jenna because she is the one who for the most part had everyones best interest at heart and she wouldn’t pose a threat to me seeing as she has no supernatural powers. At the same time, she would probably be the best to be trapped with also because of her pure intentions so to speak, she would be a good conversational partner and probably lighten the mood and tone of the idea of being ‘trapped’ in the salvatore basement.

  15. I would like to be trapped with Bonnie because she is very nice and good to talk with but she can use a spell to get us out like send one of those notes, break the door open. Or she could keep us alive untill someone finds us. As if I were to go with anyone else we we just be trapped.

  16. I would like to be trapped with Caroline in the Salvatore basement because she’s just fun to be with. We can gossip about boys and talk about many different topics. And maybe she can teach how to get my hair like her’s and talk about fashion.
    I think she and I can be very nice friends. ♥

    – Nicorelys

  17. Hands down would have to be Klaus . I would use my powerful art of persuasion and a while lot of nagging to find out just how the family became the first vampires. If that didn’t work id whine so much he begged to die.

  18. I would want to be trapped with Damon in the Salvatore Basement so that i could put him back in his place. I would try to convince him that murdering random people would not solve his problems but that if he puts forth the effort they’ll eventually be resolved. He has grown a lot over the course of season two but that doesnt mean that there isnt room for change! Especially when it comes to Damon!

  19. If I could be trapped in the Salvatore basement with any of the characters, it would definitly be Uncle John Gilbert. He was such a great character to the show, throwing everyone in a tizzy when he came back into town in season 1. I cried more for his sacrifice than when Jenna was killed. I would ask Uncle John about his life because we never got to witness him in action. He was getting into situations where he had to get information out of people, was it by force? I don’t know because they never showed us. I would ask him about his early years, his love for Isabell, when he learned about vampires and why he had such a deep hatred towards them until he died. I would like to know his personal struggle with giving Elena to his brother Grayson. Then we’d play a long game of black jack, because I have a feeling he played a few hands in vegas.

  20. I would like to be trapped with Damon not just because he’s hot and all but of the chance to know how he managed to be this kind of not-to-feel-care-at-all-man. Damon acts as if he doesn’t care when in fact he does big time. I wanna know that part of him that is hiding behind all those pretentious remarks, smirks and actions. I would make him open up to what he really feels and letting it all out without having to pretend that he’s someone who can’t be hurt and someone that is tough. It’s a rare chance that he open ups, so I want to take that chance if ever.

  21. If I could be trapped in the Salvatore basement with any of the characters, it would be Kathrine Pierce. Because no one understands her and I want to know her better. At the show we found out her story- Why Stefan and Damon hate her, when did she become a vampire and why. Stefan and Damon hate her because she was never honest with tem, she was playing with tem like they are toys, so they have reasons to hate her. But her human life wasn’t easy- she was in love with a guy that her parents didn’t think that fits to her and then she was pregnant and her baby was given a way. After she left Bulgaria, Klaus wanted to sacrifice her, she turned into a vampire and spent all her life hiding from him. Unil she found Stefan and Damon, no one showed her what true love means. After Stefan and Damon fell in love with her she had to run to save her life from the hunters of vampires (1864 in Mystic Falls). She didn’t come back to Damon or Stefan because the life learned her that at first place she has to protect herself and not think about anybody else. That’s why I want to be trapped with her- to know her better and help her to find her humanity, not the vampire that tries to be, the vampire that would kill everyone to get what she want. I would ask her who does she really love? Where was she after she left Mystic Falls in 1864? What did she done? And did she ever loved Stefan???

  22. I would love to be stuck with anna. I would love to hear about her search for get mother and what she has done for the last 140 odd years. I would also enjoy talking to her because she seems really genuine and just wants to be a normal teenage girl!

  23. I am not sure if you specified us to be trapped with in the basement with or not but it is a very hard decision but I would go with.. Isobel! I feel she would know more about the “Orginals” and could give a lot of insight. Even though season three will also focus on them. As well as questioning how and why she become uberobsseesed with the bloodsuckers. Other oblivious questions too such as how and why she met with John…

  24. I like to be with stuck with Katherine Pierce because she is hot! and I want to do evil schemes with her… KILLING SPREE!!!

  25. If I got stuck in the Salvatore’s basement I would want to get stuck with Rose. Why? Because she is awesome. She may not have been on the show for long, but for the few episodes that she was in I really liked her. She would be interesting to be locked up with, because she’s been around for so long that I would be able to learn so much from her. We would most likely never run out of the things to talk about since she’s been around for so many centuries that I will always have questions to ask about her past. Plus it’d be really cool to hear about some of the adventures her and Trevor had while running from Klaus. And if she runs about of things to tell me about her past she could always tell me what Damon was like in bed 😉

  26. If I could choose, I’d wish to be stuck with Elena in the Salvatore Mansion for a day. No, I’m a girl, so don’t think that way… but I guess the fact that the thought even occurred to me means I’m automatically part-perve? Perhaps.

    However, the main reason I’d want to be stuck with Elena, is so I can give her a hug. That’s all. Seriously. Nothing more! I honestly think that she needs one, after everything she’s been through…

    She’s lost too much for a 17 year old girl. I would give her this hug, and tell her that despite everything, she’s an inspiration for a lot of people, even though she doesn’t know what I’m talking about… I believe that she is a positive role model not only for myself but for many others as well. I would like to say to her, that even if she feels alone sometimes, there’s millions of other people going through the same thing (because they’re watching the show, even though she doesn’t know), and that people care more about her than she realizes, so she better not ever give up being that kind, loving, fierce girl that she is.

  27. I would like to be with Damon. On the outside he is cold and dangerous, but on the inside I think he is broken, hurt, and lost. I would like to try to help him. Also to learn what he is all about. Where has he been, whats he seen, has he ever been close to anyone eles, and what makes him tick. He is a deep man and that interest me. I think I’d be safe because they gota lot of blood stored down there. Lets hope Stephen would toss me down some food. 🙂

  28. I’d like to be trapped in the Salvatore basement with SLATER.

    We didn’t get to see much of him at all but the little bit that we did see was amazing. He has lived for a very long time and has a lot to show for it. I could only imagine the stories he’d have to tell and the knowledge a thousand men could only wish for.

  29. If I had to be stuck in a basement, I would choose Jenna

    As a parent, I would like to help give her a few parenting tips, before it is too late. I think a lot of tragedy could have been avoid, if Jenna had put her foot down. Maybe she would still be alive to finally finish that never ending thesis.

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