The Lost Girl S2 Countdown is ON! Video with Anna Silk

The Lost Girl Season 2 Countdown is officially ON at, and over the next two weeks, we’ll have a different treat for you each day, whether photos, videos, interviews or some other surprise!

To kick things off, here’s a great video courtesy of the folks at Showcase that was included in an electronic press kit for the new season. It’s Anna Silk talking about Bo, the popularity of the series, her character’s relationships, and what’s in store for Season 2!

Lost Girl returns Sunday, September 4th at 9pm on Showcase.

Photo Courtesy of Showcase

5 thoughts on “The Lost Girl S2 Countdown is ON! Video with Anna Silk

  1. thank you for the video! less than 2 weeks now!

    ps. would it kill them to add a “describe the relationship between bo and lauren” question?

  2. I sure am loving these little treats already! I’m glad you managed to upload the videos. Looking forward to more!

    – Did they misspell Dyson’s name?
    – I too think they should have asked AS about Lauren but at least she mentioned her throughout the interview. I live for crumbs.

  3. Thank you very much for this little delight! I admire Anna Silk and her character Bo. Totally into the whole cast but I have a heart for Dysen and love their scenes together! Fingers crossed for their love to bloom.

    Kenzi and Hale are another pairing I love to watch on scene – they are too good. Trick – is a trickster but also a good man.

    So looking forward to S2. Have to watch it on my computer as we are only still into S1 here in Australia!

  4. Thank you very much for this interview !! I loooove Anna Silk she seems to be a great woman and she’s a great actress, I’m very impatient to see the season 2 !!

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