The Vampire Diaries: A View to a Kill

Before tonight’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries, here are some collective thoughts on last week’s “A View to a Kill”!

Take 1 – Erin:

While Damon and Klaus’s “Evil League of Evil” meeting was highly entertaining, I feel like I could argue against half of what Damon said. If we went back and looked at every evil thing he’s done, would each have a purpose? What about that time he snapped Jeremy’s neck in anger? I just hope that this isn’t the writers trying to pull wool over our eyes. If Elena loves Damon exactly as he is, have her own that. We’re not dumb. And if Caroline will never fall for Klaus, make it about Caroline being less forgiving, not about Klaus having no purpose to his evil deeds.

I never thought in the past I would feel so strongly this way, but I really wanted Stefan and Rebekah’s time at the dance to be real. For him as well as for her. And I really hope that despite his ulterior motive, it still kind of was. He legitimately seemed like he was having fun for a change and they were so sweet together. When she caught onto him wanting the dagger, I was so afraid that he would use it on her or that she would figure out that was the plan. Glad that wasn’t the case. And I hope they continue to work together. I like them. For now.

How badass were the Gilberts? I could watch them like that every week. It was so great to see them working together to take down Kol. Not really gonna miss that guy, to be honest. A little worried about Klaus’ reaction, though. It’s a good thing he needs both of them alive!

You know who else is a total badass? Ms. Bonnie Bennett. It’s about damn time. So glad she didn’t let her parents bring her down. I am sure they thought they were doing the right thing and maybe the really were. Parents just don’t understand.

The brother bickering is also kind of fun. Not forever. But they can both be so nasty to each other. It’s kind of entertaining once in a while.

Oh, and then there was Jeremy hulking out. Hot and also kinda funny. Right?

Take 2 – Melissa:

Char-Kol broiled Original, anyone? I am not that broken up about Kol being gone. Like Erin, I think Klaus’ reaction to his baby brother’s demise is worrisome, though.

Who else is disappointed we didn’t get to see everyone in their 80s finery? I was really hoping there might have been a Billy Idol, Janet Jackson, Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. We did get Rebekah in what I can best describe as Debbie Gibson, and Stefan in the Top Gun bomber jacket, but how awesome would Bonnie have looked in “Rhythm Nation” gear, or Caroline in “Lucky Star” finery or Damon rocking’ the “Rebel Yell” look? And yes, I fully realize that a vampire on another series had an Idol-esque look, but the thought of Damon or even Stefan with platinum locks and a leather vest over a bare chest is delightful! I know what would have been awesome – a little Lost Boys tribute! *Off to ponder writing fanfic for the first time*

I did like Stefan and Rebekah’s time in the gym surrounded by all those red balloons and Stefan recalling what Rebekah had missed being in Dagger City during that era. I was particularly happy to hear Stefan recall good times with Lexi, doing shots with rock stars rather than turning the rockstars into drink boxes.

I agree that Bonnie is badass and her parents need to calm the eff down.

Unlike Erin, I didn’t find Jeremy all that hot in that scene but did keep picturing him in Bruce Banner’s shredded garb! JER SMASH!

Take 3 – Your Thoughts:

So what did you think of “A View to a Kill”? Sound off in the comments below!

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