The Vampire Diaries: Catch Me if You Can

We’re going to try something a little bit different for this recap of The Vampire Diaries – Erin and I are both going to share our thoughts on last week’s episode, “Catch Me if You Can”!

Take 1 – Erin:

I love out-of-control Bonnie. This should have happened a lot sooner. But now she realizes that she’s being used by Shane, what will she do? How out of control will she get? Bonnie is actually kind of exciting for the first time ever. YAY!

I’ve never been a big Kol fan (except maybe when he’s playing baseball) but it has created an interesting 3rd party, the one NOT wanting to find the cure. And his reasons don’t sound like total BS. Of course, I have no doubt that he will be re-daggered eventually but for a change I am actually enjoying the havoc he’s wreaking. But I also like Elena’s plan to take him out.

I hate when they try to make us worry even for just a commercial break that Jeremy might have shot Damon in the heart. We all know that Damon’s not going to die. The sense of urgency and “OMG WHAT?” that they try to create feels false. Just stop already.

I thought about Stefan and Rebekah hooking up for a while before this episode aired and I wasn’t a fan. I was pretty excited about their agreement to work together because they’re a team we don’t get to see much of and they’re a lot of fun in how they interact. I guess I love it when people are total assholes to one another? Also, I really want the brothers to stop sharing the same chicks back and forth. SO OLD. They may as well screw each other at this point. But you know what? I’m happy for Stefan and Rebekah. It’s hot and they both could use some release.

Regarding Damon’s inability to fight Kol’s compelling – it pisses me off. Between this and the sire bond mess, I can’t help but feel as if the writers are knowingly passing out weapons to already warring factions either because they find it fun or they’ve written themselves into a corner they can’t get out of. None of it is fair to anyone. Not to Stefan, not to Elena and definitely not to Damon. I am very curious to see how they will make it out of the myriad of messes.

I have never been shy about the ship I sail but I have to admit that I like the side of Stefan that’s showing lately. He’s angry and he’s on a mission and that’s ever so sexy. He’s doing everything in his power to keep from caring without compulsion and while it hurts, it’s necessary and interesting. He’s right, what he tells Elena, we’ve never know the him that isn’t in love with her and I never thought I’d enjoy getting to meet him as much as I have.

I keep waiting for Klaus’ evil manipulation to become old and less than fun. It’s never going to happen, is it? I love him. I love the way he talks to everyone. I love the way that he usually makes sense, even if it is only to suit his own purposes. And I love that he always finds joy in the hell on earth he creates around him. You must give credit, where credit is due.

Take 2 – Melissa:

I have to agree with Erin when it comes to Bonnie. I was very vocal about my dislike of Bonnie, particularly in Season 2, but did think always think that we had to get through that side of her before we saw her full awesome potential. She’s a powerful, badass witch. I just hope she wisens up to who/what Shane really is before it’s too late.

Speaking of Bonnie, I really do love the casting of her dad. I hope Rudy sticks around for a while. And heck, if he does get killed, he can just download into a new body 😉 Get it? Because he was a Cylon on BSG!

I also have to agree with Erin that the sharing of women between the Salvatore Brothers has gotta stop. They could have an entire week of bad daytime TV talk shows dedicated to them.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great heart snatch. I’m glad that Damon decided to do us a sold in this episode.

I’m still not sold on this whole hunter storyline and trying to find a “cure” for vampirism. I’m not very intrigued and I hope this it takes a more interesting turn soon.

Rebecca continues to have some of the best lines this season! My fave in this episode was “up coffin creek with a dagger in my back.” Rebecca, never stop being awesome!

Remember once upon a time when Klaus was the impending big bad on the show? Then he showed up and many of us fell stake over stilettos for him. Now there’s mention of a new big bad – Silas, who is referred to as an “ancient evil”. I really hope that when he finally surfaces, he’s a whole pile of evil and crazy!

Kol kinda bores me. Don’t have much to say about him.

Take 3 – Your Thoughts:

Now it’s your turn! Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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