Travelers Season 2 Finale Preview: Simon and 001

Tonight, Travelers finishes out its really strong second season with a two-hour, two-episode finale that answers some questions and asks even more. We better get a Season 3.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead for the finale.]

In “Simon,” we find out more about Marcy’s fellow patient at the institute (Chad Krowchuk), who’s now out on the street painting those murals she recognizes. Philip wrestles with what he knows and his inability to act on it, but that doesn’t preclude him from trying to steer the boat away from certain catastrophes.

Grant is just as devastated as Kat about their loss, and she steps up to propose a way for both of them to heal.  Carly has to deal with a spiraling Jeff, Trevor finds a little closure, and Marcy and David figure out what this newest version of her means to them. The episode was written by Jason Whiting and directed by William Waring.

In the second hour, “001” the team finally takes on Vincent, who says one thing and does another. More importantly, he challenges them to violate their protocols as he tests those nearest and dearest to them. It’s a taut, emotional hour for all involved, including Simon, who finds himself no closer to the truth.

The finale was written by Ken Kabatoff and directed by Eric McCormack. Over the course of both episodes, look for the return of Ian Tracey (yay!) and Amanda Tapping plus a guest appearance by Van Helsing‘s Rukiya Bernard.

Travelers airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase. You can catch up on the first ten episodes of this season on Showcase’s website. Season 1 is running now in the U.S. on Netflix, with Season 2 arriving on 12/26. Click here for all of our Season 2 previews and interviews. Check back later for more of my chat with showrunner Brad Wright. Here’s a sneak peek of the two-hour finale.

Photos Courtesy of Jeff Weddell/Showcase and IMDb

4 thoughts on “Travelers Season 2 Finale Preview: Simon and 001

  1. Yeah, except the finale wasn’t 2 hours long. Everywhere I looked, and even at the end of episode 11, it said “Next week, a 2 hour season finale of Travelers” yet.. the episode was 45 mins long.

    1. Hi Chris. My previews accompanied the Canadian run of Season 2 on Showcase. Episodes 11 and 12 aired back to back on December 18th as a two-hour finale. I can’t speak to the preview that you saw at the end of episode 11 on Netflix.

  2. In the final episode, did Vincent travel into Amanda’s body? She said I want to see my son and then approached Vincent’s son. We didn’t see her die or be taken over by traveler 001.

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