Brad Wright Talks the Travelers Season 2 Finale and Plans for Season 3

[Warning: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale.]

Well, that was certainly an intense couple of hours. In the next part of my chat with Travelers creator and showrunner Brad Wright, we talk about that Season 2 finale and what he hopes to do in Season 3.

[Seriously: Warning: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale.]

We ended the episode with the team’s relationships with their various loved ones in tatters, and the two that were most painful (to me, anyway) were Kat and Grant and David and Marcy. Wright says all is not lost for them if the show gets a third season. “Don’t give up. I promise you I have a plan. Always have hope for those characters,” he says. “Our writers have spent some time and energy on Season 3. We know where we’re going. It’s not a question of, ‘Oh my God, we’ve painted ourselves into a corner, how do we get out of this?’ We know what we’re doing.”

The structure of Episode 12, “001,” teed off of a similar episode last year. “The Vincent arc that I had planned, I said, ‘We need to do a last episode of our loved ones getting treated the way [the team] was treated in 105 without the vicious chairs and getting tied and strapped down,'” he explains. “We had a discussion of, ‘Who are the loved ones?’ It’s sort of a sad statement on Philip that Ray is his person.”

The finale opened the door for Amanda Tapping to return next year, and Wright said her role grew from that one-off appearance in the Season 2 premiere, which itself came about when he thought of her for Perrow after hiring her to direct. “We do two [episodes] at a time. We actually block shot the first three this year and I think that’s too much. Two is quite manageable — it allows you to achieve more in a location and saves money. Our cast is so good. They can go back and forth between both episodes nicely,” he says.

“[Amanda] did such a good job in the finale on Season 1, so I said, ‘OK, we’re going to do two blocks with Amanda next year.’ That’s an enormous amount of work for a director. Fun, but taxing. I was quite reticent to ask her to act, but I knew she’d be available because she would be in [directing] prep. She had to lose a day of prep to do a day as Perrow.”

“As I’m writing the part, I’m thinking, ‘You know who would be really good for this …’ I asked her really gently and she said, ‘Oh! I’d love to. Thank you for thinking of me.’ And then I said, ‘OK, I have [another] idea [for the finale],’ and she said, ‘Love it. Absolutely. I’m all aboard.’ I’m lucky she was available. She’s so sought after as a director. She’s so good, and I know that because I’ve been working with her for 20 years.”

Dialing back a few weeks, Wright says that fantastic morning after scene between Kat and Grant arose from a conversation he had with Eric McCormack. “The core of that scene was Eric’s. He said, ‘I think it’s important for the audience to see the moment after, that they obviously slept together.’ That was not in the original script,” he recalls. “So I thought, ‘How do I sell that?’ I said, ‘How about you’re in the kitchen and you just burst out laughing, and that will tell the whole story without having to say anything?’ He loved it, and they nailed it.”

Looking ahead to Season 3, which has not been greenlit yet, Wright already knows where he wants to go. “In Season 3, and we bloody well better get one … I think Season 2 is a really good season and surpasses Season 1 and I want to keep that momentum,” he shares. “The theme of Season 3 is AI. There’s a lot of discussion of free will and AI and all of those things that we teed up in Season 2. We have an arc that introduces a new character, a woman, who is going to be a challenge to MacLaren. I want to give him a foil. We’re going to dial up the temperature a little more.”

As for showing that future world, Wright says we’ll get glimpses. “We’re providing little windows. The fact that Simon did those sketches this year was to show a little window, and I have a bit of a plan in Season 3,” he says. “Obviously building a set of that magnitude would require a major commitment.”

“I honestly never intended to go to the future because the characters are trapped in the here and now and so should the audience be, in a sense. Thematically, as much as it’s about people from the future, it’s really about the here and now, and we’ve got to get our shit together, because look what could happen.”

Last week, Travelers made the top 10 Netflix binge list for 2017, and Wright was thrilled to get that news. “I love hearing that, especially before they’re ether going to pick us up or not. We’re a bit of a sleeper show. I don’t think Season 1 is on Rotten Tomatoes [because] there weren’t enough reviews,” he points out.

“It’s the nature of Netflix — they put it up and leave it [for people to find it] and people started finding it, which is fabulous. When people watch our show, they don’t watch one or two. I know people who’ve watched it all in one day.”

Wright has been showrunning for a couple of decades, and in the current climate of “Me, too,” the conversation turned to how a showrunner can protect an extended cast and crew that number in the hundreds. “It goes back to how you want your family unit, your show, to be. We had people on Stargate who spent the whole run with us. There were so many kids born,” he recalls.

Brad Wright

“When Eric and I met in LA after several years [to discuss Travelers], I said, ‘We have a no assholes policy,’ and he said, ‘We have a no assholes policy on Will & Grace.’ People know that. When that line has been crossed, we’ve acted very swiftly … and replaced those people. When you have power over someone and then you behave that way, that is the most senseless thing. This show is produced by myself and Carrie Mudd, who is my partner, and she’s a very strong woman in the business, and we have zero tolerance for this stuff.”

In Canada, you can catch up on the entire Season 2 of Travelers starting Tuesday on Showcase’s website. Season 1 is running now in the U.S. on Netflix, with Season 2 arriving on 12/26. Click here for all of our Season 2 previews and interviews. We’ll be back after the U.S. crowd has had a chance to check out Season 2 with a few more answers from Wright about the finale.

[Update 3/15/18]: Travelers has been renewed for Season 3, by all accounts, exclusive to Netflix. More info to follow.

146 thoughts on “Brad Wright Talks the Travelers Season 2 Finale and Plans for Season 3

  1. Travelers ! I Congratulate you Brad Wright, This is one of the best shows that I’ve seen in a very long time. Infact I fell in love with many Characters, Laughed and cried along, Many of the episodes have touched my heart being that I have gone through same situations. let me explain: a short synopses.
    I was married to a Canadian women back in 2000, going back and forth from Idaho (where i live) and back to Canada to be with my wife. It’s now been 18 years we been married. because of an slight overstay in Barrie Ontario CA. Two years ago I saved and tried to go back to be with my wife but they stopped me at the Detroit border and said I couldn’t go across because of the overstay at that time it was 5 years. So I had to come back to Idaho, We keep in touch by skype, phone, text as much as we can. It isn’t immigration that’s keeping me out, it’s the border. They said she would have to sponsor me to be able to see my wife. aren’t we suppose to be a free country? My wife is 56 and I am 65. Life is short and I have no Idea when we will be united again, It’s expensive to do what they want lawyers and immigration. But I sit and pray so does she.
    This is why I love the show so much, it’s the intimate parts in the show with Marcy and the David shes living with. I picture what I am missing with my wife. the sadness and hurt I could feel in my heart because we have people like that at the borders and in Govt.
    Again Thank you Brad for such an awesome show. Can’t wait for season 3

    1. Is it not possible for your wife to come to Idaho with you instead?
      I sponsored my husband about 18 yrs or so back, to come from the UK. the requirements were not hard to meet.
      I am sorry to hear you’re seperated like this!
      I have very much loved Travelers and was thrilled to see Amanda Tapping taking on her role. Stargate is still very much loved as well, which would explain my endearment for Amanda I suppose 😎😘!
      Can’t wait for Season 3!! The twist at finale was brilliant! Still unclear of Simons fate and that of the “first traveler”!
      Congrats on to the cast and crew, well done 😘

    2. Well said. This show has it all..believable character’s with such quality actors. A story line that has so many possibilities. Waiting for more in the near future or maybe the past. Bravo

  2. So what or who do I have to do to make Travelers Season 3 happen?! I will NOT SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WRITING FAN FICTION!!!

  3. Having just finished S02 (in two days), I am willing to be put on record swearing that if Netflix does not greenlight S03, I will boycott Stranger Things forever. You heard me! Oh, and the cast better be at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, too.

    1. I agree they should have the cast at SDCC 2018. I figure Netflix will be back for SDCC 2018. Please bring to the cast for 30-45 min Q/A panel. Depending on the budget they could set up two rooms, one with the garage and another room with the Framework or the transfer machine in episode 2-12.

    1. Me too I watched season 1 in 2 days and season 2 in 1-day. Both are amazing. Netflix I will cancel my account if we dont get a 3rd and 4th season

    2. I concur. Don’t want to keep watching shows get into it and then never see an ernd s how. No right to leave fans hanging. I loved it and I hope series 3 comes out soon.

  4. One of the best how’s I’ve seen on Netflix! I binge watched season one and two in less than 4 days. I absolutely love the show! Can’t wait for a season 3!!!

  5. So sad the smaller studios can only do 10-12 episodes/season. Just about the time I get into the show, BAAM. Last episode! Though the shows I like are few and further in between, I like having 22 episodes/season.

    Traveler 001 is an interesting character. The duality of his good side and bad side could really make for good drama. Would really like to see David grow a pair! He is too much of a pansy man.Do people like him even exist in real life that aren’t gay? I haven’t met any.

    Marci and Carly need multiple assignment that place them in bikinis. Both actresses have nice figures that I’d like to see more of 😉 I think Grant and Kat can go buh-bye. He’s boring me and she is a typical modern woman who thinks more of herself than she should. I treat my wife like a queen until she treats me like a subject. That shit stops fast. And my does the same for me when I get too full of myself. Someone needs to teach that to Kat.

    I like the show really. Some not over the top complex plot lines would help me like it even better. Let’s go for a 20 episode season 3,4 and 5 Netflix!

    1. Grant and Kat are my favorite characters and I identify somewhat with their relationship. I am rooting greatly for them to bond forever.

  6. This show is AWESOME!! The wife and I just finished season 2. Netflix I pay you monthly for shows like this one, so please don’t disappoint me and a lot others by not giving them a third season. To much going on to leave it as is and not have a 3rd season. Great job Mr. Wright and all the actors. Hopefully see you all next season.

  7. The best syfy series out today on television. Just absolutely loved it. Being a SG1 junky it was great to see some of the actors again. Here’s hoping to see season 3. Fingers crossed!

  8. Great series,,,,,,,,so easy to binge……..and I have seen it twice, both season already, finding I missed some good information parts……..The characters and the actors that were chosen for them is real dynamite…..totally different personalities but respectful for each others experiences

  9. Move over Twilight Zone. This show has renewed my interest in the science fiction genre. I watched Season 2 in three days. I am biting my nails already for Season 3. Netflix—-I want a Season 3.

  10. Love this show and science fiction in general. Hope for many future seasons as the acting is great and plot lines are innovative, holding your attention to relax and be entertained. Bravo!!

  11. Love the show, and all the characters. Hard to pick favorites, but there is something special about the innocence and pure selflessness of David. Don’t lose that, whatever you do, and find a way for Marcy and David to remain connected.

    I love the philosophical debate as introduced by Vincent; not so much as via the Faction per se, as I never accepted its agenda and tactics as legitimate. It’s different with Vincent, even though he has also been ruthless with people I like and support.

    I also like the “old soul” wisdom and perspective of Trevor. Carly and Phillip also resonate, for different reasons, and I even like the cantankerousness and sell-possession of 0027 as Grace. Great use of her for some effective comic relief. Thank you, Grace.

    Really, about the only two characters I don’t care for are Jenny and Jeffrey Sr.

    The twists in the season 2 finale were intriguing, and I need to rewatch, especially for clues about the emergence of Dr. Perrow.

    I really hope you get season 3, unless you are mean to David and Marcy. 🙂

    1. I agree with your comments. My husband and I really like Marcy and David’s relationship. They are both so self sacrificing.
      In season 3 We hope all the loved ones will have their memories of the kidnapping erased.

  12. I came upon Travelers by accident. After watching episode 1, I couldn’t stop watching. I watched both seasons in 24 hours. All of season 1 and part of season 2 yesterday. The remainder today.

    My favorite character is by far Trevor!

    Here’s to hoping for more seasons!

  13. I have been sick with the flu the last 4 days. Binged watch Travelers Series in 2 days. Had to keep telling myself to rest but couldn’t stop watching lol. Loved this show. Such great story lines and growth of each character is amazing. Hope to see Season 3 soon.

  14. I love this show so much that I watched both Season 1 & Season 2 in 2 days. It’s very addictive. Like everyone else. I will cancel my account if Netflix do not approve another 2 or 3 more seasons. Period.

    Just saying

    1. Yes!!! I was supposed to work yesterday but watched this instead. Thankfully I’m self employed so my boss wasn’t mad. Haha.

  15. I watched both season in the past 48 hours with my husband. We work so hard and it’s nice to numb oursevws with something amazing on the weekend when it’s cold out. I fell asleep on Friday and my husband had to stay up watching more. This is amazing and PLEASE make a season 3!!! We need it. I know mr McCormick is doing will and grace which has been picked up for season 2 but please turn into that workaholic and do both!! Amazing acting and amazing story line. Like punisher I was caught from episode one!! Thank you!!!

  16. Superfantastic show, i enjoyed it alot. Looking forward to 3rd season.

    just one favor to ask! can u tone down the heavy liberalism rhetoric, please? keep it focused and sci fi aspect as well as the interesting characters? i know its probably a huge burden not to blame everything evil on conservatives, corporations, and the military… but could you try, just a little. thanks, if not, thanks anyway. lol

  17. Yayy!!! I did it. I cant believe I actually watched the two seasons of travelers in 2 days.

    I was flicking through Netflix and saw Erick McCormick name (I loved him in Will & Grace by the way) thought to myself I need to see this even though I am not a big fan of syfy and boy I wasn’t disappointed at all I was hooked.

    Brave excellent show, I liked all characters, however, my favourite by far are Marcy & David as a couple…so please don’t get rid of their characters in season 3.

    Hoping to see season 3 soon…

  18. Yes I too happened across the show last year and like Eric McCormack but aren’t a sci fi fan. having said that anything time travel related I do kinda like. Anyhow just binge watched season 2 and loved it soooo much. OMG there’d better be a season 3. and I guess I am off to cave into the advise of others and give Stranger Things a go.

  19. Travelers is one of the best tv shows I have watched in a very long time. I am a 63 yr. old male that has fallen in love with its characters and plot. Season 2 got better than it’s first season and I did not think that was possible but the writers are top notch!! Bring in Season 3, 4, 5 and on and on. Thanks to the Producers and writers for this show. I hope I don’t have to wait until December 2018 to continue the story. I love each character and their significant other including the drug up computer specialist, the soldier and her putting down her abusive cop boyfriend, the FBI leader and wife but mostly the medical traveler and her social worker boyfriend. She is someone who I have fallen in love as a result of her personality and her looks. Beautiful woman!

    1. Love this show!! Waiting on more seasons!! Yes I love Carly beating the ever living snot out of her abusive baby daddy. That’s justice! Love David and Marcy! And I love kat and her husbands connection. He loves her and protects her at all costs. I wish they would get the druggy clean, I like him and love his turtle. I also really like grace and the high schoolers friendship. I want grace to stay on the good side. Waiting for more!!!

  20. Love this show, watched both seasons in just 3 days. Couldn’t get enough. Please let there be a season 3,4,5,6,7 etc.

  21. Looking forward to season 3 (please please please)! And thanks to all involved for great work on the first two.

  22. Travelers is a fantastic series with incredible acting, writing and directing. I loved the concept and the sci-fi base to the storyline. PLEASE GREENLIGHT MORE SEASONS! Great show!

  23. Netflix has done some amazing originals. Like, Travlers, Stranger Things, OA, Black Mirror, Fuller House, Bright, The Crown, Seven Deadly Sins, A series of Unfortunate Events, and many more. However, if they do not continue Season 3 of Travlers and some of the other shows I watch then I will CANCEL my account and they will no longer have my business. Please make season 3. If If I hadn’t controlled myself I could have binge watched the entire season in a night.

  24. Love Netflix, love watching the shows. Happy to be alive in this time. Hope a traveler doesn’t have to bump me, I would miss the show.

    Thank you~

  25. Love this show!! And there is so much more you can do with it!! I want season 3, 4 &5+!! I want to see what happens with the relationships..i wouldnt mind seeing the factions perspective on things.. That would be a nice twist!! Also see things work out with their identities open with their loved ones.. Deff. Want to see more!

  26. Travelers has modern day Third Rock from the sun feel to it & loveee it! The characters the writing so beautiful! I hope this show has alot more seasons in the future.💘💘💘

  27. Come on Netflix you’ve heard from us!!! Green light season 3 please! I’m sure you all will considering it was in the top 10 but Travelers is seriously one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile and I’m impatiently looking forward to this along with millions of other fans!!!

  28. In my lifetime I have watched less than 5 shows like this to completion. For series this have a very high standard and a very short attention span. This show keeps my attention and is very well put together. The plot, acting, directing…. etc are all spot on!! Season III is a must for a Netflix.

  29. Love, Love, Love the show! The characters interact seamlessly and I binge watched season 2 in two sittings! Then, I binge watched season 1…Again! Now, waiting for season three and it can’t get here fast enough! The cast are superb and their interactions are a pleasure to enjoy! Kudos!!!

  30. OMG amazing amazing show… love the characters… love the cast .. love the whole show. Can’t wait for season 3. Netflix have to do a season 3. I don’t generally watch shows in one go but I watched season 1 and 2 within 3 days…amazing

  31. I absolutely love this show! I came across the Season 1 by accident, after the 3 episode I couldn’t stop watching (Season 2 wasn’t out yet). I had family over for the holidays and as we were looking for something to watch on Netflix I saw Travelers title. I couldn’t wait for my family to leave so that I could binge watch Season 2. And that’s exactly what I did! I absolutely love this show! I’m glad Season 2 is not our right now ‘cause if it was I would not get anything done, not work, no shower, no cooking, no adulting! I would just sit and watch all episodes! LOL Now that I had a chance to go back to an adulting life, please bring Season 3!! YOU MUST!! This show has been the best I have seen in a few years! Well done Netflix!

  32. This series is the only vehicle in 73 years where I really wanted to be in a bit part. Pity that I have no acting talent at all. I really love it though.

  33. I loved Travelers seasons 1 and 2! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this series on Netflix! Stargate SG-1 premiered when I was 13 and my siblings and I happened to catch it while flicking through the channels one night. I was hooked. I literally grew up watching Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. It’s so fun, too, seeing those familiar names and faces in Travelers. Brad Wright and his crew know how to make an awesome SciFi series! Travelers has such great storytelling and characters. I can’t say enough great things about it!

  34. This is one of theeee best shows I’ve watched in a long time. I love the characters, the story line is on point. It keeps me entertained from start to finish. I need more!!! Season 3 needs to happen Netflix!! 😫😫😫

  35. This show is amazing. The dynamics between traveler characters and traveler/21st resident are amazing. Forget about the sci-fi element for a moment, because we need to focus on the fact you’ve successfully rolled mystery/crime/drama/action into one very successful mash-up, and sell it. There is something interesting and intense there no matter what your ‘defined genre.’ If Netflix doesn’t want to listen I’m sure you could secure plenty of funding to continue something this interesting via any major u.s. network for broadcasting rights and expand to a 22 episode season. It’s that good. Bravo

  36. Hi from the UK
    On the whole loved season 2 , watched season 1 three times in total while waiting for S 2 , Thought Enrico Colantoni was under used .
    I thought because of a episode in S 1 the traveller could only arrived after the previous traveller in episode ’17 minutes ‘ 5 attempts to take over the skydiver at the same time of death each with her failing at different points in the story line please don’t start changing the rules to make the story fit , , Looking forward to season 3 whenever that may be
    Regards Alan H Devon England

  37. Just found TRAVELERS and I love it! Watch season one and he Nd can’t wait for season three! ♥♥♥

  38. Love this show! I like all the characters except the woman-beating boyfriend. Philip is my favorite character, he’s beautifully portrayed and unique. It’s rare you get a character that’s both such a beautiful soul and also brilliant and also troubled and also lonely. So congrats to whomever created the character and to the actor as well for selling it so well. We need more Philip. Look at tumblr, he’s got a nice size fan base. After Philip, my favorites are Trevor, Grace, and Marcy. We need new storylines for Philip as he’s too underused and Carly because her storyline is stagnant. Needs to get away from the woman-beating boyfriend even if it means separating from the kid too. It just doesn’t work with these characters having kids. But I did like the idea of Grant and Kathryn having a kid. I wonder if they were just told the baby died and someone did a premature delivery and kidnapped it. Hmm…

  39. I love this series! Watched the first episode of Season 1 and I was hooked! I finished 2 seasons in 4 days. Can’t wait for Season 3.

  40. I don’t watch TV. But Netflix, yes. Binge watched Season 1, then had to wait for the next season. Binge watched Season 2, and now I’m back to waiting again.

    It doesn’t get any better than this. What does it take to make sure there is a Season 3?

  41. Greetings from the UK. Wow… What can I say! Season 2 was incredible and what an ending! Thank you for an enthrallingly, exciting finale and I can’t wait for Season 3! I love all of the characters and it’s hard to choose a favourite as they all unique. The story and concept is interesting and intriguing, and most of all I love the way each episode has its ups and downs, they take you on an emotional journey and you’re sucked in and gripped… They’re brilliant! 😀

  42. We loved this show. David, because of his humor and humanity, was one of our favorites. The whole ensemble was very good together. From Phillip getting in touch with his new humanity by adopting a turtle, to the old man, Trevor in a teenagers body calling his father by his name Gary. Good show. I hope there is a season 3.

  43. I think the first ten or so episodes were great (the “groundhog day” one was superb), but I didn’t liked the ending – for me the “Marcy was really a nurse after all” was the worst part, hamfisting a completelly unnecessary connection with 001. As a matter of fact, I think the show it’s at its best when the “Grand Plan” is kept aside and the characters drive the story – the actors and the parts are that good. That was the difference between, say, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, or evento SG1 and most of the sf shows back them – if you took the sci fi away, the show was still great. Well, in this season 2, the sci fi just got in the way of a very good story…

  44. I cannot explain in words the depth of engagement and excitement this series has brought me. I have searched for what I call “Fringe” worthy television for years. Absolutely love the plot and the characters. I have to say the witty comical nervousness of David is my favorite. Fabulously written.

  45. Great series. I love it. Need a 3rd season, but need to polish the plot better. I would very much like to see something of this future so widespread during the episodes, even if it was only flashes. But I’m totally satisfied with what has been done so far. Waiting anxiously next season.

  46. After that finale if there isn’t a season 3 I will boycott Netflix along with the beautiful country of Canada. I don’t want to know what’s gonna happen I NEED to know!! Need season 3 asap!

  47. Please Oh Please Netflix bring back for season 3,4 and 5 and many more…Kuddos and Concrats on everyone involved in making of this show.Thank you Brad Wright!!! Maybe travler 3468can flash back to Clay Mosbey..That would be is great show please keep it on Netflix…

  48. Love the show, the performers, the writing and directing. Especially love the plots, the suspense but mostly the humanity of the story. A lot of syFy just gets ugly beyond belief. This one retains kindness and respect. Beautifully done. Thanks for entertainment that doesn’t require emotionally compromising one’s self. Clever and intelligent! Imagine that! It can be done and keep us wanting more. Bravo!

  49. Amazing!!! We are hooked and binge watched seasons 1 and 2….What do we do now?!
    We NEEEED season 3, we are totally caught up the story. Brilliant!!….And tbank you for creating such a fabulous series 😀💖

  50. is it just me or do other people feel like this show calls into question relgion.I mean they always talk about having trust in the the Director.Sorta how we say have faith in the Lord…Just wondering..I love the show and I am currently binge watching it for third time… Episode 6 second season is off the hook…Original…

  51. is it just me or do other people feel like this show calls into question relgion.I mean they always talk about having trust in the the Director.Sorta how we say have faith in the Lord…Just wondering..I love the show and I am currently binge watching it for third time… Episode 6 second season is off the hook…Original…

  52. I truly hope there is a season 3. This is one of the best shows I have seen in a while. Not entirely original, but hardly predictable and I enjoy the character development. Please, please keep this show going.

  53. Just finished binge watching The Travelers in less than a week. Taking a deep breath as some of the episodes were intense and emotional. Absolutely fell in love with these characters and this series, and cannot wait to view Season 3!!!!

  54. Season 2 was outstanding. WOW! Kudos to you B. Wright and the cast. I’m anxiously waiting for S3, which I hope will happen soon. This is one of the best Scifi shows on TV.

  55. New to Netflix. Travelers just fantastic.
    Love Amanda and the amazing plots so far. Need to see 001 get his just reward. Looks like he is transferred into Amanda Tappings character?
    Best series on TV in 20yrs in the uk.

  56. New to Netflix. Travelers just fantastic.
    Love Amanda and the amazing plots so far. Need to see 001 get his just reward. Looks like he is transferred into Amanda Tappings character?
    Best series on TV in 20yrs in the uk.

  57. Wow!!!!!!! I just finished a binge watch of the series, and my heart’s still pounding! I love, love, LOVE this show! After the last episode ended, I promptly googled a question about season 3. I wanted to make sure that there will be one! Now that I know, I’m going to go watch both seasons again! Yes, it’s that good!

  58. Not going to go on and on raving for or ranting against the show. All I’m going to say is this is by far one of the top 3 series on Netflix for me. Being only 12 episodes per season, I hope Mr. McCormack can find time filming around “Will and Grace” to continue on with this series.

  59. Wow. Just wow. Fortunately just finished watching last episode. Glad the talks have started for the s3 😃😃😃.
    Can’t wait to see it.
    Will start watching s1 next week again lol.

  60. Ya know that feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you know something bad is going down? That’s the feeling I got when Grant and the rest of the team started video taping their stories…… I knew Vincent would be great ne step ahead. You get so into these characters, that you feel their pain and wish they’d have not just done it. Maybe those flashing police like gets that are coming on the horizon ISN’T the FBI coming yo whisk them away, perhaps it the good guys swooping in. Maybe the Director will give Kat, and the rest of the “loved ones” a new traveler?

  61. Please please pleeeeease let there be a season 3!!
    I cant live with that David and Marcy cliffhanger, I haven’t been so hooked on a TV couple since Jim and Pam on The Office.

  62. You had ‘better’ greenlight season 3, Netflix. Else i might be inclined to overwrite you!

  63. Awesome, incredible show. Travelers is the type of show that makes Netflix worth paying for. Can’t wait for more seasons.

  64. The short of it:
    I just binged watch season one and two over this weekend loved it can’t get enough, want more… Please!!

  65. Love the show. Just finished watching the last episode and found this site while looking for info on season three. Stargate fan from way back. Love the time travel scfi.

  66. Your show is amazing! I love everything sci-fi, and this has definitely got me hooked and begging for a season 3. The character development is done really well, and the actors do a very good job portraying them. It would be nice to see into the future side though. Maybe possibly see who created the director?

  67. Did not like season 2 finale st all! 21st century skepticism is for real! I so thought they were going to commit 001 because he switched bodies. MacLaren was going to bring all the Travelers over like they were rounded up and pretend they were totally confused and beat up by 001. and the loved ones were going to be like ”that guy is crazy” and then the news would deem Viencent bat crap crazy. But then actually believing the story seems totally lame. The director doesn’t even intervene when he has so much electronics in his home. Seriously him being able to switch Simon into Vincent and 001 into Perrow and the director not being able to Chim in really limits Ai Director in my opinion……

  68. I love it. We need season 3. 4, and so on.. Great story line and it keeps me interested. Would have watched all in one day but I must work. The actors are all wonderful.

  69. Season 3 is a must!
    We watched it because the blah blah blah merpish movie choices caused us to click on episode 1 season 1 and we then got only 6 hours of sleep in the following days as a result of finding and marathoning an amazingly casted and written show. Season 3 is a life nessecity! I’ll wish the summer, and fall of 2018 away for it’s return. Hear my cry Netflix.

  70. What can I add that hasn’t already been posted? It is quite simply the best scifi series ever! I will cancel my netfix forever if there isn’t a season 3.

    Thank you netfix for seasons 1 & 2!!

  71. Very well constructed, cannot understand how production of a dramatic story of this level can survive the cost of Actors/Sets/Editing and can make it. I do hope to see a third Season, the story-line, character development, tie back to events of our history is very well done. Spot-on concept (Mr. Wright) good luck. ((PS. Watched all 24 on Netflix in under a week))

  72. Please do season 3 and as many more as you can. Love the show best show on Netflix, I can’t wait to see it, I could not stop watching, binge watched and couldn’t go to sleep, just wanted to watch the next episode.

  73. Travelers is the very BEST!!! I found it by accident and binge-watched for 3 days….so hopeful that there will be more and more and MORE seasons!!!

  74. Season 3 plz!!! I cried almost every episode, the concept of death and reincarnation of conciousness, and of course the constant reminder of the possible realities that humanity can create for themselves ending in futility and yet there’s hope…tragically poetic…

  75. There better be a Season 3. It is one of the best series I’ve seen on any Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any network. I hope it doesn’t go the way of two other great 2 season shows: Copper and Boss.

    1. It very unfair to paying customers to invest hours into a series and develop emotional ties to the characters and all of it goes away because the powers to be feel that it’s not bringing enough cash flow.
      Sometimes the networks must be willing to lose money to keep a fan base.

  76. I might be one of the few that was extremely disappointed with series 2. The appealing aspect of a show like this is watching these quirky, but endearing characters interact with non-travelers and navigate their way through the 21st century (ie loved the conversation regarding the wedding anniversary and diamonds)

    All this convoluted sci-fi silliness brings down the show. This is the same issue that caused the downfall of Continuum. The show works without all extra mumble jumble of The Faction, Vincent, etc. Just having the Director give orders and then our team dealing with 21st century people offers more than enough compelling story potential. Strong characters can do amazing things with strong and realistic writers. If this gets renewed, hope we can deal with plausible stories lines more than Travelers civil war.

  77. Meh. Disappointed in the finale of season 2. Same storyline as the beginning. Need to convince people they are who they are, take two. People they are supposed to care about hate them, again take two. I’m sure this won’t be a popular opinion but the story is great with soooo many possibilities why play that card again so soon?

  78. This show is absolutely incredible. I don’t have cable at my home and I don’t intend to. Reason being, I find that so many programs are crappy “reality” shows or spent ideas. Ironically, I do find time travel sci-fi to be a bit worn, but this is an amazing spin on the idea. It’s so fresh and original. The characters are well developed and continue to develop into people you care about as the show progresses. The cliff hangers and plot twists are nearly all unexpected and gripping (with the exception of only a few that I could predict with a small amount of certainty.) The director (pun intended) of this show is doing great work. I don’t know where someone fosters the mind to create such an elaborate, confusing storyline and continue to bring it back into focus. If this show is dropped I will literally boycott Netflix. Here’s to season 3! 🎉🍾🥂

  79. Best show I’ve watched in a long time. It’s creative, not at all predictable and I’m really looking forward to more seasons!

  80. I really love TRAVELERS! I saw the 2 entire seasons in 2 days. I really hope to see a 3rd season SOON, VERY SOON! I just can’t believe the dead end you guys [Netflix] for the season 2 finale. And now the cops are going to arrest everyone of them and… what happen next? OMG! I need the season 3 NOW! Please! I really beg you! Travelers is the Netflix series I love most, and I’ve been watching a lot lately, but this one have a 20 in a scale of 10. Waiting for good news about season 3!

  81. This show is nothing short of brilliant. This is the style and intelligence that was going to be SGU. Nice to see them all working together. BRING ON SEASON 3!

  82. Love this show, several of the shows I have really enjoyed have been picked up by Netflix having been cancelled. Season 3 is a must. Watching and waiting.

  83. Kick butt show. Couldn’t get into Stranger Things or haven’t given more time to it. This show was stumbled upon while rehabing a new wheel. I loved it so much I didn’t binge watch it but savored my time with both seasons. I hope there are more seasons and some studio person type reads these because this one is a winner.

  84. Wow…my husband and I watched season 1 and 2 in about a week. We could not stop and stayed up late saying ‘just 1 more’. Lol. Please, please come back with a season 3.

  85. I like the complex paradoxes of the show with its complex timelines. However, I love the characters in the here and now especially David and Marcy’s story. The scene where she was in the bathtub filling in her memories – priceless. I think Trevor’s story should be furthered developed.

  86. Great thought provoking!! Please have another season or two or three or….PS I watched (binged) both Seasons in two days. That shows the lack of good shows out to watch out there, PLEASE do not stop!!!

  87. LOVE this show! I found it quite by accident, my husband so me watching and joined me. We both cannot wait for Season 3! Please be a Season 3!

  88. C’mon season 3!!!!!!!!!!! I binge watched the whole series…glad i found it….now PLEASE give us more!!!!!!

  89. Man i dont watch mu h tv at all but was instantly addicted look forward to Season 3. By the way if you need an extra character i put my hand up lol

  90. There has to be a 3rd season, please!!! I love this show, I watched season 1 & 2 in one week on my free time, totally neglecting my husband lol It’s a great show, well written, I love the cast, I love the idea that “they’re among us”, and all that stuff that just blows my mind. Congrats on this amazing show. Like I said, it deserves to be renewed for many more seasons.

  91. Travelers is most Definitely one of the Very Best shows on Netflix! Totally addictive. I binged watched the first season straight through, then slept for maybe about 6 hours, somewhere in the middle of watching Season 2, once it finally became available. I only wish there were more episodes of it to watch.

    So looking forward to Season 3! Now that you’ve made the Netflix top 10 for 2017 hopefully you’ll be good to go. Can’t wait!

  92. This show was shown to me by my dad and after two episodes at his place I renewed my Netflix account and binged the show at home. I love the concept and truly hope that Netflix is smart enough to bring out season 3 and really promote it. True sci-fi fans will love it and can get behind it very easily. This could definitely be a staple show for Netflix.

  93. From TX, so we got 2nd season late but wow.
    HOnestly, i was just waiting for Altered Carbon and said, what the hell, this looks interesting. Now im hooked, but more like a book hooked than like a tv show, if that makes sense. I feel a strong connection due to the accurate portrayal of our current word, and the implications it has on our future. This is the best show ever made, and I dont regret saying that. This thing can grow and become whatever you can imagine, unlimited possibilities. Fantastic cast, best script
    in the 21st.

  94. I discovered this show by accident and watched all the episodes on two days. I have never binged on a show before. When it was over, i felt like i had been holding my breath and had to come up for air. Please renew this show. It is literate, engaging and hopeful. I love the growing humanity of the Travelers.

  95. I watched the whole series and just recently watched it again because my lady friend got into it. I have to say despite the blatant propaganda, I enjoyed it the second watching and caught stuff I missed the first time. Netflix is stupid for canceling it in favor of lots of losers.

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