The White Collar Wait is Over!

It’s been a long wait since September when the first half of White Collar‘s second season concluded, but at long last, it’s back!

Here’s what happened when we last saw Neal, Peter and Mozzie:

-a second tune was found in the music box, a musical code that not even Mozzie could crack
-Diana discovered that Fowler bought the explosives that blew up Kate’s plane
-Neal has the music box stolen and given to a Russian museum, knowing they will want to display it AND that it will draw Fowler out
-Mozzie enlists the help of a code maker to try and crack what’s contained in the music box’s second tune
-Although Neal’s been benched, he decides to pursue Fowler at the museum, breaking free of his anklet and bringing a gun along
-Neal confronts Fowler at gunpoint, and Peter persuades him not to pull the trigger
-Fowler admits to Peter and Neal that he didn’t kill Kate. Fowler was blackmailed, and there is someone more powerful pulling the strings. Fowler doesn’t know the identity, but Peter shows him a photo of a person of interest, possibly an intermediary that Fowler was supposed to be meeting. Fowler recognizes him as someone he was in Special Forces with.
-There’s a call that Akiro, the code maker, has been murdered. The paused security tape at the antique shop is paused on Neal. Peter assumes whoever this is has Neal in his crosshairs next. Neal lets Peter know that he wasn’t alone at the antique shop, Mozzie was with him
-The final shot of the episode is … well … Mozzie getting shot. And it appears that “the intermediary” was responsible.

What’s going to happen next? Here’s just a bit of what’s in store for us in tonight’s episode, “Burke’s Seven”:

White Collar returns tonight at its new time, 10pm on USA Network.

Photo Courtesy of USA Network

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