Big Love’s Big Final Season Begins Tonight

Tonight is the beginning of the end for HBO’s Big Love.

When we last saw the Henricksons, Bill had been elected to State Senate in Utah, and the family had outed themselves as polygamists. Viewers were left wondering how The Henricksons lives would change now that the family is subject to constant public scrutiny.

Here’s a sneak peek at the season premiere, which shows Bill and his wives visiting his new office:

This is a series that has never steered away from taking its viewers on a constantly tumultuous journey, and I don’t expect this final season to be kind to us or its characters. If anything, what have they got to lose? All cards are on the table now, so I’m expecting a real suckerpunch!

Big Love airs tonight at 9pm ET on HBO and HBO Canada.

Photo Courtesy of HBO Canada

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