Teen Wolf: “Visionary”

So, last week’s Teen Wolf, “Visionary,” was a bit of a Twilight affair as we flashbacked to Derek’s star-crossed first love, which ended (really, really) badly, and the story of how Deucalian lost his sight in a pissing match with Allison’s grandpa. Trouble is, the way the stories were told, juxtaposing what was said with what we saw, we can’t be completely sure what was bullshit and what was truth. Here’s what I *think* went down:

Gerard tells Allison and Scott his tale in return for Scott empathizing his pain away. In his story, he arranged a détente/meet and greet with the multi-pack group that included the Hales (led by Alpha Mama Alicia Coppola) and Deucalion’s clan and then reneged and in the fallout he killed several of the pack and blinded Deucalion. That’s what we saw. What he says is that they jumped him and he defended himself.

Back at the loft, Peter regales Stiles and Cora with Derek’s story from his high school days (we don’t get a date stamp, but I’d guess late 1990s), when he met snarky and fell in love with a lovely young girl named Paige (played by Madison McLaughlin, who folks will recognize from Supernatural) until Peter talked him into letting another Alpha turn her and the werewolf bite killed her. (Again, this was in the version of events that we saw. Peter tells Stiles and Cora that it was Derek’s idea to turn her so they could be together forever).

It’s unclear whether Derek realized then (or knows now) that his Uncle played him, and even more murky is what Peter’s agenda was. But the short of it is, despite Derek’s best efforts to alleviate Paige’s pain and save her life, she died, and his eyes turned blue. Props to newcomer Ian Nelson for playing all the angst.

Separately, we also finally learned that Deaton and his sister are werewolf emissaries/advisors, so his sister isn’t a traitor, per se. She’s just assigned to a different pack.

And that’s our setup for tonight, with only four episodes to go before the hiatus. Here’s a sneak peek at “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” (one guess as to who that’s referring to):

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