Teen Wolf: Unleashed/Frayed

Alrighty, then. So Stiles didn’t get laid when it turned out the sacrifices were in a rotation of threes and then jumped from virgins to military types (but we did get a hilarious moment of Danny offering his services and Stiles seriously considering them).

Our ever helpful veterinarian/world religions expert clued everybody in that the who is likely a Druid and we don’t have a bead yet whether that’s related/tangential to the Alphas.

The Alphas, meanwhile, try to make a point of divide and conquer with a dash of torture porn for good measure (full disclosure: I fast-forwarded through a drawn-out scene of Deucalian and his henches impaling Derek but best I could gather was they wanted him to sacrifice one of his own and instead he cut Scott and Isaac loose to protect them but they didn’t go far).

The Scavos and Isaac/Allison/Scott try to one up each other at the school and then Deucalian steps in and slaps his boys down.

That was “Unleashed,” the episode two weeks back.

Last week, in “Frayed,” we did a reverse/inverse telling of a monster throwdown that maybe left Derek dead (but not really) and left Scott with a mind over matter injury that wouldn’t heal until Allison stitched him up MASH style on the floor of a rest stop bathroom, so he’s apparently immune to bacteria.

We also got a glimpse of Allison (who’s still practicing archery on the DL) and Scott trying not to feel anything when he pays her a visit that turns into a weird self-defense test. The other takeaway was Scott’s realization that the Alphas live in the penthouse of the building the Argents currently call home.

And we found out Lydia is in fact hanging out with straight Scavo but it’s unclear whether she knows he’s an Alpha.

After a bunch of back-and-forth angst as Scott worried he’d left Derek to die, he shows up not dead but badly wounded and seeking help from the teacher he rescued, so that’s a twist on the meet cute/woo meter.

I liked the time jumping of “Frayed,” especially because we pretty much knew Derek had to be OK and with that off the table, you had to be on your toes to figure out past and present.

Tonight looks like hormone central. Here’s a sneak peek of “Motel California,” which starts tonight at 10 E/9 C on MTV and MuchMusic.

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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