Teen Wolf: Motel California and Currents

Teen Wolf is almost to the end of the first half of its third season (follow that?) and it proves yet again that the PR folks sometimes get a little too eager beaver with their reveals, because although the red eyes and the supposition that Scott is the Alpha have been the tagline since June, both only actually happened in last week’s episode, “Currents.”

After “Motel California” (again, promo monkeys) turned out to be more Bates Motel than Spring Breakers, our core players grew a little closer to each other. The episode had the crew spending the night in the mother of all haunted motels that could induce suicides. Everybody was saved and Scott had a complete meltdown while standing in gasoline ready to drop a flare when it was Stiles, and not Allison, who basically proclaimed his love for his “brother” since pre-wereolf days and talked him down.

Back in Beacon Hill, Derek was rescued by Ms. Blake, who’s first aid attention to him turned sexual in a hot hurry and then he suddenly started to heal. It’s a ridiculous sentence to type, but it worked on screen. Really!

Last week, in “Currents,” everybody was back home and the latest round of three sacrifices was doctors. When Dr. Deaton is taken and has time to call Scott first, the hunt is on by everyone to find him. Lydia doesn’t know what she knows and then she accidentally does when she turns them on to Danny, who’s nearly killed by mistletoe until an awesome save by Mama McCall. There’s a funny moment the morning after when she wakes up to find Scott and Isaac asleep in her room, both failing at “guard duty.” She laughs it off that she’s not a doctor and tells them to go to school.

Meanwhile Deucalian is all “mwahahah” with Scott and then Allison summons him to show him that her dad’s been keeping secrets, too. Deucalian hips Scott to the fact that he will only be able to save Derek or Dr, Deaton but not both. He’s off a scoche in his prescience as Derek/Isaac/Boyd’s plan to nuke the Alpha pack with live wires in the flooded loft backfires and Kali makes Derek kill Boyd for good this time (no backsies) while the Scavos hold Ms. Blake hostage.

Scott gets to Dr. Deaton in time, but can’t reach him because of a wolfsbane circle; then Sheriff Stilinksi shows up and shoots the rope Deaton is hanging from and saves him. When Scottt is super amped about not being able to reach Dr. Deaton, he rages so intensely that his eyes turn red but he doesn’t realize it until the doc tells him. Then he tells Scott that he’s another kind of Alpha and he’s Deucalian’s target. Whoops.

Also, Danny’s Scavo twin tells Stiles that they meant Danny no harm. They didn’t know whether he or Lydia was important to Scott, and it turns out it’s Lydia.

Danny’s class paper on currents clues us in that Beacon Hill is an actual beacon of things that go “boo” and essentially another hellmouth.

Oh, and crazy Grandpa is apparently locked away somewhere still oozing black blood. Papa Argent goes to see him and then is tailed by Allison, who Grandpa is not at all surprised to see in his doorway, but so far he’s not forthcoming in the big secret details except we do find out that he has a history with Deucalian.

To recap, we’re left with Boyd dead (and finally at peace with Erica), Scott an accidental Alpha, Deucalian on a warpath, and a pissed-off Druid still en route.

Points to the show for keeping the UST with Scott and Allison alive without crossing into FWB. There’s a cute scene in “Currents” where they’re hiding in Allison’s closet and Allison unintentionally gets Scott’s full attention in closed quarters. Instead of it being super angsty and DRAMA, they just laugh it off.

Also points for Stiles almost having to tell his dad everything. Right now, he and Danny are the last men standing in our cast who don’t have the whole story, and Dylan O’Brien did really nice work as Stiles wrestled with further jeopardizing his father if he did tell him and admitting outright to Scott that he could not lose his dad. Scott says he’ll be right there with him, but the moment comes and goes and he doesn’t have to tell him. I do still hope he finds out without being in peril, so he and Mama McCall can have that in common

We have four episodes left before the break, and then the show returns in January for the back half of its season. I kind of dig the idea of it being a winter show, too. We’ll see how it does. Here’s a sneak peek of “Visionary,” premiering tonight on MTV and MuchMusic:

All photos courtesy of MTV.

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