Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission

We’re already at the mid-season finale tonight, y’all! Too soon!

“Lies of Omission” set the stage for a bro break-up, which I am so not down with, especially because all poor dumb Scott had to do was ask Stiles what happened with Donovan and let him tell the story vs. applying dirtbag Theo’s version of events. We’ll get to that.

So we open on poor dumb Scott confessing his sense of loss about where the Pack is, and I thought maybe he was catching up a returned Deaton, but nope, he’s spilling his guts to Theo. Because, dumb.

Separately, Lydia and Stiles go out to find the Nemeton but can’t remember where it is — and we get a teensy flashback to the ice bath — so Lydia goes with plan B and has Parrish drive her out to the woods, hoping his subconscious will kick in. He’s not remembering anything, so she takes a swing at him, forcing him to spar with her and turn his brain off. Then he remembers, and he’s horrified, and he doesn’t know why he’s doing it, so when they get back to town, he locks himself inside a cell and Sheriff Stilinksi has to accept that.

At the school, Malia witnesses another murder of an experiment, and essentially tells Stiles she’s done with all the death. Before that, when she races out of class to try to help, Lydia’s mom stops her, and Malia flashes her eyes at her. Lydia’s mom calmly tells her that maybe they would all do better to focus on their classes. Which, is a surprisingly chill response — and did we know she knew about everybody?

Liam decides to take Hayden and get the hell out of town, but they detour by the bar for cash and the Dread Doctors find them, and despite Theo and Scott showing up to help, the Doctors inject her again, but she doesn’t die, and she swears she’s OK. Liam confides in Scott that he’s not so sure.

Earlier, Stiles and Theo take a drive, and Theo confirms he knows the truth about Donovan’s death, and then he turns around and tells Scott a different version — that Stiles beat Donovan to death in a rage. And that’s the version that sits on Scott’s soul until he confronts Stiles, whose heart breaks into teeny tiny pieces because he doesn’t realize he’s being judged for a fairy tale and not the actual circumstances of Donovan’s death. Booooo. Scott tells him to go talk to his dad, and Stiles stands in the rain picking up his heart.

When Scott gets inside the clinic, he finds out Hayden’s rejecting whatever the Doctors did and Liam asks him to turn her. Scott mulls that for a minute and then tells him “No.”

Also in there Theo sort of mouths off to the Dread Doctors about keeping Hayden alive and they hilariously imply he might want to check himself. Sadly they do not pronounce him a failed experiment and end him right there. Seriously — who’s in charge there?

I did like that Lydia was creative in telling Parrish the truth in a way that he had to remember it, because she had to be careful she didn’t damage him, and that he didn’t flip a switch and damage her.  And I’m glad Malia has finally had enough, because that’s exactly where my head went when she witnessed another Dread Doctors murder. As she told Lydia a couple of weeks ago, they’re living volume two. These kids need a vacation in the worst way.

We go into tonight with a fractured Pack of hurt feelings, lies, and Dread Doctors, oh, my.

It’s been a fast ten episodes, and I’m no clearer on where we are at this point, or where we’re going. Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10/9c on MTV in the US and 10/7p on MTV Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of the summer finale, “Status Asthmaticus,” which I’m guessing bodes really ill for Scott.

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