Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander on her Relatable Action Hero

Blindspot premieres on Monday, September 21, and star Jaimie Alexander shared a bit about the show and her character during their visit to Comic-Con.

She mentions that she always takes jobs where she doesn’t know anything until she starts the job, like the Marvel film and TV she’s appeared in as Lady Sif. With Blindspot, they’ve pitched her the entire season, but she doesn’t have too many details. She doesn’t want to know too much, and would rather find out as her character, Jane, learns more. When it comes to storylines with specific stunts, she likes to know about those in advance so she can train for them.

Speaking of training and stunts, Alexander tells us that she’s been doing navy seal training and diving. She has input into the fight and action sequences, and as she learns more things, they add some of those into the story. She joked that she’s sometimes hesitant to tell the writers what she’s learned because it’ll mean more stunt work for her.

Alexander thinks TV is doing a good job with creating strong female characters, and that a female action hero doesn’t have to be a superhero. She hopes that Blindspot will help fellow actresses get more roles like this. She adds that Executive Producers Marin Gero and Greg Berlanti know how to create good female characters.

Despite the premise of the show, Alexander says that this role is relatable, which as she puts it, sounds “bananas.” When it comes down to it, Jane is vulnerable and an outcast, and is longing for human connection. The plot doesn’t go heavy on exposition, and the only tools that Jane has are her instinct and intuition. She understands her responsibility in making Jane a relatable character.

She shares a bit about the relationship between Jane and FBI special agent, Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton). She stresses that it’s not a love interest, at least at this point. It’s more that they are trying to figure each other out.

Watch video from the round table interview with Jaimie Alexander here:


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