Teen Wolf: Galvanize and Illuminated

Apologies for the missed week last week, y’all! Let’s get caught up on “Galvanize” and “Illuminated.”

Things we may have learned (but I’m not really sure):

Kira is somehow supernatural and she knows this because she started seeing some sort of wild color aura around her in her selfies. (Which begs the question of selfies as a useful, and sort of hilarious, supernatural detection tool.)

Scott and Kira bond over sushi and pizza when her dad invites him over and we get a little exposition fairy on how her parents met–Mom is Japanese and Dad is Korean but he took her name. Then they bond a little more when he saves her from an escaped inmate and breaks into the evidence lockup with her (with an assist from Stiles) to delete the aura pics from her phone.

Under “where there’s a will to party, the TW crew will find a way,” the Scavos route generators into Derek’s loft (so Ethan can make nice with Danny) to have the mother of all black light raves during a citywide blackout.

There’s some sort of mystical ninja squad coming for the crew, and Isaac, Derek, Lydia, and Ethan all have close encounters that leave them with hypothermia. After the first attack–on Isaac–happens in Allison’s room after they’re interrupted minus their shirts, Allison’s papa is fairly certain they’re looking for him.

Two weeks back during Hell Night/Devil’s Night/Halloween eve/something similar, a prison inmate escaped from the hospital and went on the hunt for Kira. We found out this week he had help…from Stiles, who is apparently a blackout accomplice with no memory of scrawling chemistry clues on a blackboard in a locked office. Creepy.

And before the inmate got hold of Kira, Lydia kept hearing buzzing, which she took to be flies but was really the city’s electrical grid, where he held Kira until her force field zapped him and the entire grid.

Back to last week’s show, the episode wraps up as the rave is shut down by Derek, who’s none to happy to arrive home to a loft full of nearly-naked, psychedelic-painted teens. Then the ninjas arrive and Kira gets an up close and personal view of the Beacon Hills werewolves.

I like that the show is still a ridiculously fast-moving train with the plotting, and my head swims at where we’re going.

Props to the crew last week for a phenomenal job on the black light scenes. Black lights + body paint + techno could have been a hot mess but it was a super effective reflection of the haze our characters have found themselves in lately.

I liked, too, that Scott sought the quiet outside of it to actually have a conversation with Kira and put her mind at ease about being different. He told her he thinks the aura in her photos look like she’s being protected by a fox, and he may be onto something.

We still don’t know who’s driving the shadow ninjas. I’m betting we’re about to find out. Here’s a sneak peek of “Silverfinger,” airing tonight on MTV in the US and Canada.

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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