Arrow: Tremors

This was the episode where everything else (for me) paled in comparison to having Alex Krycek in the house.

So, Walter and a business associate (Nicholas Lea) float the idea to Moira that she should run for mayor and after she laughs it off, she goes home to actually think about its pros and cons and Thea talks her into it. Walter is pleased when Moira tells him, but then we side jag into Mwa Ha Ha when Moira says her Ob/Gyn knows the truth about Thea so they’ll have to kill him (rather than just telling Thea the truth). That’s a great way to start the campaign!

Roy bitches and moans his way through Team Arrow training until they discover a backup Earthquake Device is in play. In a moment of panic (genius), Oliver outs himself to Roy to get him to Hulk out by realizing he has to save Thea for her brother and not just for the Vigilante. Roy saves the day and then he tells Oliver that he saved his life and gave him purpose. They do not, however, hug it out.

Over at the Lance House of Sad, Laurel gets a job interview with her old co-worker, who waits until Laurel has hiked all the way downtown and up the elevators to tell her the job is a no go because she’s being disciplined by the bar association. Then her dad ambushes her with an AA meeting that she walks out on. When she shows up at the bar mainlining martinis, Thea calls Oliver and they put her in a cab. Then Oliver calls somebody and says “Laurel needs you.” We follow Laurel as she stumbles into her apartment and falls down. Just as she passes out on the floor, Sarah comes into view. FINALLY. I really, seriously hope, though, that all of this isn’t a preamble to writing Laurel out. I look forward to the girls being together and with their dad, and seeing where that goes.

Back on the island, Slade is getting loopier by the day, hoping to blast the crap out of the barge with the remaining missiles until Oliver appeals to his memory of Shado (without confessing his role in her death) and tells him they’ll need it to get off the island, rejiggering the plan so that the goal is to now commandeer the barge.

I hope Lea is recurring–love him. But I also think we’re at critical mass for cast so we’ll see how it shakes out.

I was disappointed that Moira immediately turned her second chance into a black hat.

Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode, “Heir to the Demon”:

Photo courtesy of The CW/Cate Cameron.

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