Teen Wolf: Fury

“Bottle show” is a phrase in TV production land that indicates an episode will be a single-set affair with all of the cast. We almost got that with “Fury,” Teen Wolf’s take on Assault on Precinct 13. It wasn’t a super strong episode (lots of chatter), but it was important from a canon aspect because Scott’s mother finally knows what he is, and her reaction is heartbreaking.

We open with Scott and Stiles doing the hard court press to convince Stiles’ dad that Matt is bad, bad news without explaining the Jacksima part of the equation. They go to the precinct at 2am to look through the evidence and finally find that Matt does have a tangential connection to all the swim team victims, including Isaac’s dad.

They’re relishing their “ah ha!” moment when Matt and Jacksima arrive and basically (unnecessarily) kill their way through the station and highjack the boys and Sheriff Stilinski to destroy all the evidence. The Sheriff is locked up, Scott’s mom is summoned and she’s locked up, too, and Derek arrives just in time to be dropped by the Jacksima with a venom slash, and Stiles soon joins him on the floor (in a hilariously slashy sequence).

Poor Scott has to listen to Matt’s reaaally long confession that he’d been dropped into the pool at a swim team victory party where he nearly drowned while everybody did nothing and the whole thing was covered up. So he “died” for a second or two, thus enabling him to be the Kanima master. Earlier this season, when Jackson asked him for the video equipment, pervy Matt sat outside in his car with a linked (AT&T—hi, product placement!) smartphone and watched him transform. Then Jacksima found him outside in the car and they had a mind and palm meld and every time Matt wished someone dead, Jacksima just did it. Handy, that. Matt also take the opportunity, since he’s holding a gun and all, to shoot Scott and rage at the parentals about how oblivious they are to everything going on around town.

While Scott has to listen to all of this, Allison has been given a letter by GPA explaining her mother’s death. We don’t know if its contents are bullshit or genuine, and we don’t hear what it says, but it’s enough to make her to madly wipe the frilly out of her life and recast herself all in black and armed with a crossbow. GPA and Papa Argent defer to her a the new de facto leader and she makes her first order of business to kill Derek, and kill his pack if they get in the way.

Next commences some true badass assault stylings from Team Argent, who descend on the precinct with tear gas and automatic weapons. Allison gets a few licks in on Jacksima but he gets away. Scott saves Stiles and drags him out of harm’s way and then unfortunately wolfs out in front of his mother, who’s locked in a cell. When she finally realizes her son is the thing in front of her, she repeats the scene Allison had in the bus last season, but she shrinks back into a dark corner as the realization hits her.

Allison and Scott have their own sad moment when she pretty much tells him to get out of her way or she’s not responsible for what happens to him. GPA follows Matt outside and then drowns him—exacting the perfect revenge against Matt’s darkest fears. With Matt out of the way, Jacksima is masterless for about a minute. As it happens, GPA offers himself up as a replacement. All this goes down as a newly-animated Peter watches from the bridge above, seemingly very uneasy about GPA now having his own hitman.

In other news, no Lydia in the episode. Boo! And we get a little more non-talk from the vet about how exactly he’s involved in things but we get one nugget of info we didn’t have before—he’s loyal to Derek because of an agreement he made with Derek’s mom (hmm).

And that leads us up to tonight with two episodes left for the season. Too fast!

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