Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead

We’ve arrived at the Season 4 finale, and that blows my mind a little bit. For one, I’d really like to know what our formal timeline is over four seasons, because nobody’s a high school senior yet. But I digress.

Last week’s episode set us up for tonight’s mega 75-minute (yay!) showdown. Here’s what you need to know going in:

Liam has still got the heebie jeebies about the Berserkers, and his BFF tries to break through and gets nowhere but sweetly agrees to hang out with him until he can come clean. Out on the field during a lacrosse game, Brett returns and is more friend than foe as he essentially grabs Liam by the lapels and tells him he can smell his fear, and he’s lucky to have Scott, so use him. Unfortunately, Liam isn’t aware enough to realize / sense that Scott needs him.

Scott and Kira try to have a proper date and things get hot and heavy until Kate and her Berserkers crash the loft and kidnap both of them.

When they’re both AWOL the next day, and into the evening when they’re due at the game, Stiles goes looking for them and he and his dad, Derek, and Braeden find the wreckage from their date.

Lydia starts the episode on Derek’s doorstep wailing her banshee call and we never get back to the why of that, unless it’s a warning against Scott’s date that nobody bothers to heed. She’s called into action when Deaton pays a visit to Eichen House, returning a creepy serial killer to their custody in exchange for an audience with a fella and his third eye, which renders him catatonic. Lydia pulls him out of it — which would have been a really cool scene — but it happens offscreen.

Malia is approached by Peter at the game, and he asks her to kill Kate in exchange for information on her mother.

This is after he’s left Papa Argent impaled by rebar down in the tunnels. Thankfully, Parrish shows up and pep talks him into tapping into his rage about his family to help Parrish free him.

Kate carts Scott and Kira back to Mexico and the church where the season began, and does some sort of mojo to turn him into a Berserker, ostensibly setting him up so that his friends will kill him for her. Lydia taps into Deaton’s vision and alerts the Scoobies to head to Mexico.

So, I’m thinking Liam’s Berseker visions are prescient and he’s going to be the one to see Scott beneath the Berserker helmet and save him. We’ll see if I’m right.

As for Peter turning against Kate — not sure what that involves unless she’s got his money. The potential for all that arc seemed to get frittered away there somewhere. And we got some sort of Mwahaha-eqsque railing of Kate against Scott about why he’s so special when he’s decimated the Argents — she’s laying her sister-in-law’s and Allison’s death squarely on him.

We also still don’t know why Kate turned off Derek’s abilities unless it was somehow to amp / ID Scott as a true(er) Alpha? I’m not sure we’ll get an answer to that. Last season, we had a definitive arc finale and a sort of cliffhanger for a new arc. I hope we get the same again. I’m ready to wrap this one up.

There were two good parent moments in the episode — Scott comes clean about the money to Melissa after she finds it, and she convinces him to return it to Derek, who’s hilariously blasé because it’s not his money. He owns his building, and his money’s in the bank.

And Eichen House forfeits the Stilinskis’ bill as a thank you for Stiles almost getting killed. So there’s that.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode. MTV in the US is marathoning Season 4 all day today to get you ready.


Photo courtesy of MTV.

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