Teen Wolf: A Novel Approach

Yep. Still clueless. And we were Parrish-light on top of that. Dammit.

This week on Teen Wolf, we learned that there are some things Stiles keeps to himself and away from his BFF and best girl, and I’m not really sure we got a “why” on that. He gets clear of the attack by Donovan, who chases him from the parking lot into the school’s library, where he gets the upper hand and Donovan is mortally wounded. Stiles makes sure it’s fatal.

Then he calls 911 and stays on the line, silent, long enough to ensure that a car is dispatched. He goes out to his Jeep and backs it into the shadows and waits. When it’s obvious that the responding officer didn’t find the body, he goes racing back in and finds the scene cleaned up and Donovan gone. In our only glimpse of Parrish, we see him carry Donovan’s body to the Nemeton and set it ablaze.

Stiles goes home and attacks his wall of weird with conjecture, but does not tell Scott or Malia what happened.

Lydia shares her book find with the gang and disseminates copies among them to read up.

Scott and Kira are called to the clinic, where they discover Tracy’s body is missing. They report that to Stiles, and he and Lydia accompany them to Eichen House. That’s always a good idea. They go see Valack, because he’s the sole acknowledgement at the back of The Dread Doctors and once Stiles and Lydia confront him, it becomes clear that he actually wrote the book.

He says it’s a beacon of sorts to try to trigger people’s memories of the doctors, because they’ve been in Beacon Hills before, 33 years prior (I think that will be significant to a character reveal — no spoilers, though).

Before they can get too far down that conversation, Kira’s Kitsune tendencies take over and she sparks a failure of the boogedy White Mountain Ash basement security measures. Which is BAD because the doctors then saunter right in. Scott manages to carry her outside, while she’s emitting mega voltage, and before they both pass out, they reconcile that he said he loved her, he remembers saying it, and he meant it.

Before Stiles and Lydia get out of there, Valack wants a recording of her wail. Stiles is all “absolutely not” about it but she does it, and after the doctors are done tormenting him, Valack uses it to break the glass on his cell and free himself.

Over at the school, Malia is being weirdly pursued by Theo, who offers her a ride home, and to let her drive. On the way home, she’s distracted by a memory of the accident that took her mom and sister. She recalls the Desert Wolf running them off the road before they crashed. Unfortunately this happens while she’s behind the wheel. Theo finally gets her to stop and they get out of the car. He pushes her out of the way as she stands stunned in front of oncoming traffic.

Earlier we saw Theo tell the doctors that the book worked, so they’re all playing into the doctors’ larger plan. And why Malia doesn’t key in that Theo is wrong, wrong, wrong is beyond me.

The most jarring thing for me, aside from that, was Stiles’ decision to go it alone about Donovan. That’s a disconnect from the Stiles we know. Before he dies, Donovan taunts him about wanting to main him the same way the Sheriff maimed his dad, who was his deputy, by waiting for backup. So maybe it was extra personal? I don’t know. I look forward to the explanation.

As for Valack writing the book to be helpful, can we accept that at face value when we know from the opener that in the current/future timeline, he’s confined Lydia to Eichen and is torturing her?

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV in the US and 10/7p on MTV Canada.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of next week’s new episode, “Required Reading.”


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