Sweet Streams: The Mindy Project

Today’s Sweet Streams is a no-brainer. If you’ve never watched The Mindy Project, currently streaming on Hulu, you’re missing out on a truly special television experience.

The show was created by star Mindy Kaling, who become a household name after her memorable turn as Kelly Kapoor on The Office (a show which she was also a writer on). It’s about an OB/GYN in her 30s who is constantly battling her own character flaws as she searches for love and success.

Here is a trailer for the DVD release of Season 1 that should set the mood:

The Mindy Project debuted in the fall of 2012 on FOX. It was a cult hit and a critical success, but never posted big ratings. When FOX pulled the plug after Season 3, Hulu (which had been streaming the series since the beginning) immediately scooped it up and began producing new episodes. At the end of March, Hulu announced that the upcoming 6th season would be its last. Now is the perfect time to binge Seasons 1 through 5 and get ready for the farewell tour in September.

The series is part rom-com, part workplace comedy, and part ‘flawed female heroine against the world.’ The humour is sharp, fast and full of pop culture references, but what’s most impressive is that it never mimics anything else on television. There’s something about the tone and pacing of the series that gives it a completely unique feel. The jokes are always veering in delightfully unexpected directions.

The cast of The Mindy Project changed dramatically over the years. Several of the initial ensemble characters were written off in the first couple of seasons and some great actors have joined in on the fun along the way. Some favourites include Chris Messina as Danny Castellano, Ike Barenholtz as Morgan Tookers, Ed Weeks as Jeremy Reed, Xosha Roquemore as Tamra, Adam Pally as Peter Prentice and Garret Dillahunt as Jody Kimball-Kinney.

You might like this if you’re a fan of quirky ensemble series like New Girl, Happy Endings, and Cougar Town, or you’re wondering what a modern version of The Mary Tyler Moore Show would look like.

Photo Courtesy of Hulu

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