Street Legal “Neighbours” Preview

This week on Street Legal, the team finds the lines between their professional and private lies blurring and bleeding through in increasingly complicated ways.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Olivia’s cycle of change gets a brand new upheaval when her daughter, Emily (Julia Tomasone), blows into town announced. There’s a lot to unpack between the women after it seems Emily detonated her med school stability back in Vancouver. Emily’s not ready to explain things, which leaves an exasperated Olivia with nowhere to turn but work.

Street Legal

Adam faces a new crisis at home when his Mom makes a startling request. He also finds himself entangled in the Novak family drama. On the case front, he’s in court beside Olivia when they gain a small victory at the hearing.

Mina takes on a case of a paraplegic dealing with an unruly daycare situation that unfolds in his front yard every morning. When it escalates, she revisits an old relationship with the crown prosecutor, Taylor (Laurence Leboeuf).

Street Legal

Lilly works with Derek and Olivia to secure an expert witness, and then she, too, gets pulled into the mama drama (Emily works fast, y’all).

The episode, written by Nikolijne Troubetzkoy (Killjoys), is a bit of a switch up from the previous two as the crew dives deeper into their respective cases, and we learn where they will and won’t bend the rules. It’s also a glimpse at how well they do and don’t compartmentalize when real life starts to interlope.

Street Legal airs Mondays at 9pm E on CBC and then is available on CBC Gem the next day.

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