Street Legal “Moving Day” Preview

On Monday’s new Street Legal, Olivia finds out the sailing’s not quite so smooth as she begins her second act. And we get to see her new firm in action on a couple of fronts.

Street Legal

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Lilly is called in to help tackle elder fraud when a frantic call from a friend for a welfare check on her parents becomes something else entirely. It gives her a chance to prove herself in action, and Derek an opportunity to watch her work.

I love that, especially after he was entranced with her on paper before he ever met her, telling Olivia last week, “She’s a do-gooder, looking for causes to fight, and she can write.”

Street Legal

When the big pharma class action suit threatens their current caseload and client list, Mina doesn’t take the news lying down. She jumps into action to prove — in a fantastic, unbelievably fast-talking scene for Yvonne Chapman — that they cannot be casually discarded.

Street Legal

Adam does the best he can for his parents as him mom detoxes in violent, ugly ways, and starts to see what his dad’s world has been. When that blows back on their case, it makes him dig in harder to keep things moving, and assert his position for the trial.

Street Legal

Olivia’s separation from her firm gets a new wrinkle when her discovery files are threatened. She pulls a couple of impressive personal and professional Hail Marys to keep them in play.

“Glass Floor” was written by Lynn Kamm (19-2) and directed by Sturla Gunnarsson (Ransom/Motive).

Street Legal

It’s another strong episode, and as a daughter of aging parents, I appreciated that two of the arcs here focus on it. I also really like the personalities and how they mesh together, and how Adam, Lilly, and Mina navigate bringing Olivia and Derek into the fold.

Street Legal airs Mondays at 9pm E on CBC and then is available on CBC Gem the next day. Here is a sneak peek of the women working on the show, put together to time with International Women’s Day.


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