Street Legal “Homecoming” Preview

This week on Street Legal, the big pharma case heats up when Olivia and Mina travel to Montreal to depose the company’s executive team and it doesn’t go completely according to plan.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Olivia reunites with her former colleague from the series’ original run, Dillon Beck (Anthony Sherwood), who’s now a law professor. And, as it turns out, one of Mina’s former mentors. He’s helpful to both women when personal and professional issues collide.

Street Legal

The personal for Olivia is more blowback from Emily’s return. As her daughter seemingly starts to spiral back home and chooses a curious recipient for an early morning drunk dial, Olivia has to decide whether work outranks family.

Mina doesn’t get as far as she hoped with the deposition but she does still learn some useful intel. At the office, Lilly and Adam look for another expert witness when their first choice becomes unavailable.

Street Legal

Their search leads them down an interesting rabbit hole that relates directly back to Adam’s situation with his Mom. She’s compounding her recovery with a precarious emotional state that pits him between his parents.

Lilly has her own relationship issues and may begin to question her unique lifestyle choices after she gets a surprise of her own at home. It helps that she can dive into the case with Adam and keep her mind occupied.

Street Legal

The episode was written by Nicolas Billon and directed by Chloé Robichaud. With just two episodes remaining after this one, I’m very curious to see where we go from here as the team finds their challenges at work and home getting more complicated at the same time.

Street Legal airs Mondays at 9pm E on CBC and then is available on CBC Gem the next day.

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