Sons of Anarchy S6 Countdown: Charlie Hunnam


Sons of Anarchy Season 6 starts TONIGHT, and this countdown is ending on the highest note possible – our clip featuring Jax Teller himself, Charlie Hunnam!

He had some interesting thoughts about his character, Tara and the club in the upcoming season, and here are some quick highlights before checking out this must-watch clip:

– At the end of Season 5, things were not left on a good note between Tara and Jax. Hunnam said that Jax feels a tremendous amount of betrayal from Tara, and that their relationship is at a crossroads. He thought that maybe she would find some peace with club life, and she always thought she’d convince him to leave.
– As we saw with how Jax dealt with Wendy last season, I asked if we’ll see more of Jax’s darker side. Hunnam told us that we will see some darkness, but it won’t go to a point where there’s no redemption. He added that Kurt Sutter wants to challenge the audience, but at the same time, Sutter loves this character. Hunnam also mentioned that to keep the truth in a story like this, the type of character he plays can’t be likeable all the time.
– According to Hunnam, Jax doesn’t regret any of his actions.
– He teased that Lee Toric’s a big problem this season, as well as the IRA, but perhaps the biggest problem is the club itself and their self-inflicted wounds.

Tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for – the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere is at 10pm ET/PT on FX in the US and on Super Channel in Canada!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2013

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