Sleepy Hollow: The Art of War

Tomorrow night, we arrive at the Sleepy Hollow fall finale, where will have to wait another 78 days for a new episode. THE HORROR.

However, show creator Philip Iscove Tweeted to me last Thursday night that when the show returns on February 5th, they have ten episodes left. I LOVE THIS NEWS.

So where did “The Art of War” leave us? Well, first up, Jenny is on her way to being consumed by a big bad. That makes me nervous because other shows which have posited that possession by an otherworldly being bodes ill for a human host usually feel compelled to show you why. I really don’t want Jenny sacrificed. She’s a significant tether to Sleepy Hollow for not only Abbie and Crane but also now Joe, who finally kisses her after a little nudge from Crane that he admit his feelings to her.

The boogaboo of the week is that Atticus Nevins unleashes a trio of Berserkers onto Jenny’s trail to try to get the orb back, but because he taints the spell with Pandora, it gets real very, very quickly until the gang doses each Berserker with a touch of Jenny’s blood so that they turn one ach other, and Crane gets to kill the last one standing.

This gets them all a personal visit from Nevins, who’s about to pull the trigger on Joe when his assistant gal, who’d previously duped Joe and Jenny, is revealed as an undercover Feeb who Abbie knew nothing about. Also complicated? Abbie pulls a security detail off Nevins, while she’s acting bureau chief, to allow Crane to get in and out undetected.

Reynolds, meanwhile, has gone to DC to pow wow with the FBI Director (Michael O’Keefe), and they certainly seem to be running an op that’s separate from what Abbie’s been told, and he’s perfectly aware of Abbie and her potential. I vote no.

Before all that, they keep Jenny on lockdown, but when they leave her to fight the Berserkers, she breaks herself out and then seemingly gives herself over to an emerged Pandora who commands her to Kneel Before Zod or some such to a bigger bad who accompanies her out of her tree (that’s actually more daunting onscreen than that sentence would indicate). So that’s not good.

And Crane has a heart to heart with Abbie where he tells her about his fears of losing her to her job or Reynolds or a promotion, and his reticence to fall in line with his new century. She reassures him that they’re all staying put, and that he very much belongs in this timeline. As I’ve said before ad nauseam, I love their chats.

I also dug Jenny and Joe happening and I hope they both live through the end of the season to actually see where that goes. SUPER glad we have ten more episodes to come this spring, even if it is in a weird timeslot.

One last time this fall, Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX in the U.S., and 9 e/p on CTV two in Canada.

Here is a sneak peek of “Novus Ordo Seclorum.”


Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX

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