Sleepy Hollow’s Sakina Jaffrey & Mark Goffman at NYCC 2014

From New York Comic Con 2014, Sleepy Hollow‘s newest cast member Sakina Jaffrey (Sheriff Leena Reyes) and showrunner Mark Goffman chatted with us about what’s coming up during the rest of Season 2. Check out these highlights, and then watch the full press room clip below!

  • Jaffrey shared that Jenny and Abbie have to prove themselves to Reyes, and Goffman added that this will be an obstacle for the sisters.
  • As we’ve already learned, Reyes had a connection to Abbie and Jenny’s mom. Their mom made some choices in her life that affected the kids, and this is a recurring theme on the series as Katrina also made regrettable choices.
  • Goffman told us that there’s an arc in Episode 9 of this season with Abbie’s mom that takes place in Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital.
  • They teased that tonight’s episode, “The Weeping Lady,” will kick off a more serialized arc following last week’s standalone episode. We’ll also meet an old flame of Crane’s!
  • Jaffrey really wanted this role, and told her agent so after her audition. Little did she know that Goffman and his team were seeking her out for the role.
  • There are more relics and artifacts coming into the story from different countries and religions, which plays into another new character’s story, Hawley (Matt Barr), who happens to be an artifacts dealer. Goffman teased an artifact from India, and a story that revolves around an offshoot of an Apocryphal book from the Bible.
  • For those who can’t get enough of Crane’s “man out of time” hijinks, we will see him take on yoga and karaoke.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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