Gotham’s Erin Richards: Barbara has Layers of Darkness

There’s a new episode of Gotham tonight, and in this clip from New York Comic Con 2014, we chat with Erin Richards. She shared some information about her character, Barbara Kean, and how there’s so much more to learn about the future Mrs. Gordon. Check out these highlights, and watch the full video below!

  • Barbara is strong, intelligent and driven with layers of darkness, and that’s what drew her to the role.
  • Jim and Barbara are hiding things from each other, but they do love each other.
  • Barbara’s background with Montoya is affecting Barbara and Jim, and we’ll learn more about that.
  • Episode 7 is a really big one where Barbara does something that puts a wrench in the proceedings of a case.


Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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