Sleepy Hollow: One Life

Good news/bad news. Good: Sleepy Hollow is back, and Crane is deliciously angsty. Bad: Abbie sits out the entire episode. As y’all know, I do not traffic in spoilers, so I do not know whether/how they intend to drag it out before Abbie is back in Sleepy Hollow, but we do at least get confirmation that she’s alive.

Back in this realm, Crane has spent the month since her disappearance exhaustively searching for ways to get her back, and this runs him up against Sophie when they’re catfished into bringing through a demon that he mistook as a call for help from Abbie. He has to loop her in on what they all actually do, and she’s not wholly disbelieving because as a child she lost her archeologist parents to a mysterious demon-attributed disappearance when they were on a Mayan dig. As for Reynolds, he’s very nearly killed by the uninvited demon, but Sophie and Crane call him back to town and take the demon out and he’s none the wiser (still).

I know there are fans who might bristle at partnering Sophie with Crane as some sort of pseudo Abbie, but Abbie is always omnipresent in their dealings with each other, the bigger picture there is that Abbie (and the team) will have an ally inside the FBI when she returns. That’s important.

Jenny and Joe pursue their own artifacts to help with the search and that puts them in enough peril that Jenny angrily admits to him her anger about all the people she’s loved who left her. She says it’s easier not to love, and when she thought Joe had ben shot, it terrified her because she loves him, and if he leaves, too… Before she can complete the thought, he stops her with a kiss. So that’s resolved.

Aside from their forward movement in recognizing that they’re actually in a relationship, they procure a demon locator map that reveals that there is some sort of impending Demon Con converging on Sleepy Hollow, so with or without Abbie, that’s now first on the agenda.

Pandora and her (really) old love are hiding out and would seem to be the welcoming committee for the impending hoedown, but Pandora doesn’t readily know which realm Abbie was cast off to.

We close with Abbie waking up alone in a weird lair.

And that’s our set up.

I liked that Crane was so driven about Abbie that he was sort of blind to everything else until he was literally slapped in the face by a demon. It’s interesting that the boogedy activity around town was nonexistent for a month, especially given the mojo that went on to send Abbie to another dimension, but that’s a minor nit.

The flashback had to do with leaving your partners behind because sometimes there are no miracles (“One Life” is a nod to Nathan Hale, who was one of Betsy and Crane’s fellow spies), but I’m fairly certain that will not be the case here. Always expect a miracle.

I’m very glad Sleepy Hollow is back with ten more episodes (nine after tonight’s), but I wonder what FOX is up to with promotions, because there was no preview during Monday’s The X-Files (unless my affiliate bumped it, although there was toward the end of Lucifer) and that seems really remiss.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8e/7c on FOX and 8e/p on CTV two for the rest of the spring.

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/FOX

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