Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer

Last week on Sleepy Hollow, we found out that once upon a time The Bod put Hos before Bros when he absconded with Katrina’s heart while she was betrothed to his BFF, Abraham. The rudest awakening of all is that Abraham, who fell to him in a sword fight, was reborn as the  Horseman who’s been plaguing them.

All of this comes to light when The Bod begins to interrogate the Horseman with Andy’s translation help (or ventriloquism help) and The Bod finds a necklace on him that was once Katrina’s. The full tale there is that The Bod picked it out on behalf of his friend when his friend’s choice was something much more ostentatious and Katrina knew immediately that The Bod had chosen it for her.

Katrina is then emboldened to break her engagement but she doesn’t confess her feelings for The Bod. That news comes later and then the boys throw down in the name of honor. The Bod doesn’t want to fight but he does and as Abraham drops, the Hessians arrive and The Bod takes his leave before he sees that they christen him as one of their own.

Back in the present, a crew of Hessians works on cutting the power that’s holding the Horseman in a UV trap. Despite Irving and a now-released Jenny’s best efforts, the Hessians blow a transformer and the Horseman is freed. Whoops. Before he bails, though, he tips his hand that Katrina is essentially being held in purgatory for him as his reward, which gives The Bod another reason to battle the ascension of the Horsemen.

I liked that we found out that The Bod didn’t always walk the straight and narrow and that he overstepped with Katrina during an era of maximum chivalry, as it were. I also liked that Andy was really conflicted about having signed away his soul. Irving and Jenny made an effective team–I liked their sass together and hope we see them out and about kicking ass again.

Tonight looks like a monster of the week episode with a twinge of backstory woven in and a character who may or may not be named Elena Gilbert. Only four episodes left after tonight’s new episode, “Sanctuary.” Here’s a sneak peek. And P.S. — next week, the show’s off. New episodes return on the 9th.

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