Sleepy Hollow: The Lesser Key of Solomon

We’re a third of the way through the freshman season of Sleepy Hollow! Nooooooo! I loved this episode, not the least of which because I am psychic!

Well, not really, but I did wonder last week about whether Corbin ever did anything about Jenny, and not only did he, but he also dispatched her Indiana Jones style (when she wasn’t incarcerated)–sending her all over the world on behalf of his super secret demon cause. And Abbie was none the wiser. So Corbin wasn’t just Abbie’s loss, but at least Jenny saw it coming. (Although it’s unclear why Corbin couldn’t spring her altogether).

We pick up with Jenny on the run, gathering her things and retreating to Corbin’s cabin, which is where Abbie and The Bod accidentally find her when one of the latter-day Hessians comes calling. The cabin becomes a set piece as they discover that a hidden sextant is actually a projector with a map to a super secret church location for a mad bad Raiders of the Lost Ark style crypt-and-book reveal and an awakening of ALL the things that go bump. Unfortunately the Hessians get hold of it in a shoot out and the one fella they do keep hold of cyanides himself before they learn anything useful.

Because of The Bod’s photographic memory they get to the church on time to witness a big CGI light show as the floor opens up and demons semi-emerge and flail and then are sucked back into the vortex. I like that we’ve added colonial gadgets to the mix–it gave the episode a sort of National Treasure feel–in a good way.

And we have Abbie and Jenny on the same page about what they’re all doing–she even accepts The Bod’s story of who he is and how he happens to be here. The episode closes with Abbie offering to be Jenny’s conservator to get her free and clear of the hospital within six months. Then The Bod pulls Abbie aside to tell her he found a parallel to their latest adventure in Milton’s Paradise Lost, and it would seem the overarching demon they’re dealing with might be Moloch.

In this week’s “fun with modern technology,” the intro of the episode has The Bod recounting his love for Katrina and we’re thinking it’s just a modified “previously,” but he actually has the On Star lady–who he’s called to unlock the car–in tears.

And in our history lesson, we learn that The Bod instigated the Boston Tea Party but the “Party” was added later.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of tonight’s new episode, “John Doe.”

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