Sleepy Hollow: Kindred Spirits

In this week’s Sleepy Hollow, Abbie is back at home with Crane, but she’s haunted in a way she can’t quite put her finger on, or discuss with him, and hopefully that will be a short-lived situation, because we all know they’re so much better when they put they put their heads together and their cards on the table.

So far, they talk about plants and chess, but it’s back to work pretty quickly when their old friend, the Kindred, comes calling because of Pandora and her Very Old Bae. This time out, the Kindred is killing couples (Sleepy Hollow does Valentine’s Day as only it can). Sophie works the case when Abbie is consulted but formally begs off and she and Crane come clean that the Kindred is their doing.

They realize (later than I did, anyway) that the Kindred’s rage is a bit of a misdirection as he’s looking for a Bae of his very own. Unfortunately, he settles on Zoe, who reappears and is hurt by Crane’s disappearing act. She’s kidnapped mid-conformation with Crane in the catacombs and with the help of the rest of the Scooby squad, Crane remembers, or finally realizes, that Franklin built the Kindred a Kindress way back there and he and Betsy unwittingly stored it for him.

They go fetch, and then release her, and she and the Kindred make nice ands sashay off, leaving everybody speechless because that was way easier than they expected. Zoe is freed, unharmed, but Crame doesn’t take the opportunity to tell her the truth. She releases him all the same.

Back home at the end. Abbie and Crane play chess and she cuts her finger opening a beer (which makes me laugh that TV shows still do this when they ALL need openers). While Crane goes to find the first aid kit, she mindlessly draws a sigil on the table in her own blood, and then hides it from Crane.

Joe’s still digging into why Jenny won’t go see her dad, regardless of Abbie’s misgivings about reconciliation. Pandora seems to be hatching her own plan because her VOB tapped her powers. So there’s that brewing. He also shatters The Kindred couple into bits when he realized the Kindred has abandoned him for a lover.

And Kevin comes clean with Abbie that he was and probably still is in love with her, and he lets her go, so she comes back to work anyway.

And that’s where we find ourselves. They’re wrapping production soon. I hope we either get a formal conclusion if these are the last episodes, or they find out pre-wrap that they’re coming back. The scripts are done, but not yet filmed, I believe.

As for where we are, I think we missed an opportunity for Crane to tell Abbie outright that he’s the king of lost time and being out of his own realm, which could be helpful to her. Their opening scene is very soft and sympathetic as she can’t sleep, but rather than talk to him, she leaves for a run. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be a case of her coming back dark, or bringing someone with her. I’d much rather that she had an awakening of sorts that will help guide her in their fight Their was also a cute throwaway line when Abbie reveals she can read Franklin’s secret language and Crane is shocked. “You were gone for a year, I got bored,” is her simple response.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8e/7c on FOX and 8e/p on CTV two for the rest of the spring.

Photo courtesy of Tina Rowden/FOX

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