Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga

Well, damn the man, because I think Hawley’s gone for the rest of Sleepy Hollow Season 2. Not at all on board with that development. Let’s break down how we got there.

Hawley’s hanging with Crane and the Mills sisters at karaoke night when he’s summoned to close a deal. He begs off, promising to return, and then doesn’t. Abbie and Crane greet that with a shrug but Jenny’s pretty sure he should be back because he said he was coming back.

They start to go find him when a silent alarm is tripped at the lair, and there they find Hawley ransacking the room. They give chase and are cut off at the pass by Hawley’s godmother, Carmilla, who turned up at his “deal” and offered him a “one and done” heist (hah) before revealing she’s evolved a bit since their last meeting, when he booked out on her at 18.

All those years ago, she tried to track him down and was turned into a Kali Yuga for her trouble. After she sets him up to steal an artifact from a National Treasure-type maze at the Knox (as in Fort Knox) homestead, she reveals that she’s grown a little fuzzy on that parent / son line and it would seem she wants to convert him to a demon, too, for other reasons.

Meanwhile, Crane, Katrina, and the Mills band together to stop him from helping Carmilla because they realize she’s super bad news, but that only gets Crane and Abbie thrown together in a collapsing safe room, and Jenny locked in a closet. Crane finally figures out the key puzzle piece to free them, and they reach Hawley before Carmilla can turn him.

Katrina is also enlisted to help the Irvings, who are back home after his charges are dropped. They can’t be sure he’s free of Parrish so she does a spell to confirm he is, which greatly relieves all of them; however, there’s the added wrinkle that Frank no longer has a reflection. Hmmm.

Abbie and Crane use their time in the vault to clear the air about recently being out of synch with each other (which I had apparently missed — and assume that is blatantly part of the “tinkering”) and then seal their reunion with a karaoke duet.

Hawley comes to see Jenny to apologize for getting her involved and putting her in harm’s way. He tells her he can’t be there. He’s leaving to find Carmilla and says he’d ask her to come, but she finishes the thought for him that she wouldn’t leave. Then they share a very sweet, chaste (compared to that scorcher earlier this season) goodbye kiss.

So, that’s that, for now. If we get a season three, I hope Hawley’s back. I never felt he took time away from anyone else’s arc. Parrish and Katrina, yes. Hawley, no. As for the whole Crane and Abbie get on the same page thing, that felt completely orchestrated by TPTB and a reaction to the unhappy viewers vs. anything that actually transpired onscreen. As I’ve said repeatedly, a little goes a long way with them. I did not feel like there was a rift to repair. They always come back to each other.

One funny note in the timing — throughout the episode, there were a handful of references to the Sons of Liberty and their penchant for puzzles, which lined up with the U.S. premiere of the Sons of Liberty miniseries on HISTORY.

Tonight, Johnathon Schaech drops in for a Salem-esque outing. Here are a few sneak peeks.



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