Sleepy Hollow: Into the Wild

On the face of it, it might reflect badly that I seriously didn’t realize until last night that I had not written up last week’s Sleepy Hollow. I think it was a combination of watching it live-ish, which I hadn’t been able to do yet this spring, so I went on to watch other stuff that night, and the fact that Crane and Abbie were only together at the beginning and the end of the episode.

The majority of the episode had Abbie and Sophie bonding over zombies during an FBI field exercise while Jenny and Joe unknowingly went to fetch a piece of Pandora’s Box from an auction, only to have her come calling for it herself. Crane was off on a quest to find out what the sigil was about and learned it’s actually two pieces and part and parcel of a Witness GPS-type device tied to the tablet he smuggled into the country in the season premiere. It comes in handy when he has to ride to the rescue in the deepest woods to save Abbie and Sophie from a zombie-maker.

Joe and Jenny hit a snag in their walk on the wealthy side when they discover their unknown Sumerian artifact is a fairly large remaining — and active — piece of Pandora’s Box. Joe gets tired of the onesie, twosie bidding and seals the deal at $2 million. The unexpected side effect is that when he touches the box, his Wendigo resurfaces, fangs and claws and all.

Pandora pops up to take her property back and is sort of gleeful to find out that Joe’s a demon (of sorts). Jenny talks him back to human form and they make their getaway. Jenny hides the box where it can’t be sensed and then has to reassure Joe that she’s not afraid of him, and remind him that he regained control.

Abbie has a nice heart-to-heart with Sophie about whether the supernatural worked out ill or well for them and they come around to the idea that it’s more the latter than the former because it brought Crane to Abbie and Abbie and Crane to Sophie. Abbie also tells Danny a variation of the Ross & Rachel “it’s never off the table,” which I wasn’t feeling at all, but OK. Abbie also seems to be zoning in on sort of holdover ninja skills because she twice stops and listens for the MOTW’s approach with her eyes closed and then makes her move on him.

My apologies if something transpired for Tom Mison IRL that kept him sidelined for part of the week that this filmed, but I missed him here. It felt like he disappeared for a chunk of the episode. With precious few episodes left (until we have a concrete renewal or cancellation), I want Crane and Abbie together as much as possible.

This week, it looks like Pandora’s finally tired of her VOB, who’s run off to take care of the Witnesses, which she’s not down with, after all.  Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8e/7c on FOX and 8e/p on CTV two. Here’s a sneak peek of “Incommunicado.”


Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX.

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