Sleepy Hollow: Blood and Fear

Apologies kids. Real-life has been busy but I didn’t want to bundle the (anticipated) goodness of a Mills sister story with the (confirmed) goodness of last week.

In last week’s Sleepy Hollow, we discovered that Pandora is a genuine wackadoodle, who is not only prone to inflicting poor bastards with various forms of evil, she’s also a cheerleader after said infection, encouraging them to utilize their new “gifts.” Shannyn Sossamon has to just be skipping to work every morning.

Her victim du jour in “Blood and Fear” is a poor schlub who’s one step down from a full on stalker, and when the object of his affection shows less than zero interest, Pandora pounces and gifts him with a dagger that actually melds with the person holding it, and it would seem, transforms them into the serial killer we know as Jack the Ripper.

This leads Crane and Abbie to the realization that the Ripper was around long before 19th century Whitechapel, and was actually responsible for the death of his boyhood friend at school, which also timed out with an epidemic that seemed to forcible separate the dagger from its wearer.

That gives Crane the genius idea to infect himself with Malaria, which works to break the bond of the new Ripper, but also, Malaria, so there’s a downside and Tarrytown Psychiatric (which is somehow still a licensed facility) has a new resident.

After Crane infects himself and falls ill, Pandora appears to Abbie, who cradles him on the floor after he passes out. She mocks Abbie, asking her how it feels that Crane might die, and then she disappears. Later on, when Crane is decidedly not dead (really, y’all), he and Abbie have a lovely heart to heart while he recovers on her couch. When she tells him about Pandora’s visit, he’s alarmed but she assures him she’s OK. He tells her quietly, within the fog of his drugs, “I am most grateful, lieutenant, that you and I have found one another once again,” after they do an adorable fist bump.

I saw some social media conjecture that maybe Abbie brokered a deal with Pandora to save him, but I didn’t get that vibe at all, and I hope that didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe go after the orb that Jenny bartered for Joe and come across a new grifter on the scene who has enough familiarity in her maneuvers that Jenny thinks she was one of Corbin’s protégés, even though she never heard of the woman before. They get the orb back, but the woman warns her they do not want to cross whomever it is that really, really wants it. Jenny says she was entrusted with it by some she loved as a father, so too bad.

There’s also a weird rehash chat in there with Abbie and her new boss about boundaries and future plans that I feel like we’ve heard a couple of times, but if they’re just reiterating, for the ones who are still worried, that SHE IS NOT LEAVING CRANE, I think that’s been covered sufficiently.

I do laugh though that she seems to just bring Crane along on cases with no issues. Love it, just laugh about it.

There’s a hysterical moment where the new Ripper falls out of a window and then blinks his eyes open after he lands on the crumpled roof of a car below and Abbie follows “Damn,” with “Oh, DAMN.” I rewound that, and the scene on the couch at the end, a few times.


Sleepy Hollow airs at 9 pm ET/8 CT on FOX in the US, and 9 pm ET/PT on CTV two in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode.

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