Sleepy Hollow: And the Abyss Gazes Back

I think it’s safe to say I got a little lost in the details last week’s Sleepy Hollow as we met Corbin’s (heretofore unmentioned, if memory serves) son, Joe, who returns to Sleepy Hollow from a stint in Afghanistan with much more than a case of PTSD.

The episode begins with Abbie hilariously trying to woo Crane on the healing/calming benefits of yoga, but he’s not having it. They follow their workout with a beer, and encounter Joe when Abbie breaks up a bar fight. He and Abbie have words — no love lost there, apparently — and then he’s off with his buddies. Pretty soon he and those friends are descended upon in the woods by a *something* and only Joe survives.

After a little detective work, Abbie and Crane realize Joe is the something, and it’s not good at all. Parrish sent the crushed Piper bones to Afghanistan, which activated Joe as a Wendigo. He’s got one transformation left before he’s locked in his monster form forever. Hawley gets recruited onto the scene, and introduced to the lair. He helps them out with some boogedy MacGuffin (again, details) which Abbie uses to snap Joe out of his Wendigo state and permanently make him human again.

Parrish still makes off with a super bad totem of evil that he then turns into some sort of spider that he sets loose on Katrina. That’s where we pick up tonight :shudder:

I loved getting to see Clancy Brown again in flashbacks, even if there was a little retcon there in terms of Corbin’s discussion of Joe being the thing that won Abbie over. It was nice to see Abbie connect with Joe and tell him what he should have known, but apparently didn’t — his dad loved him more than anything. A+ casting, too, with Zach Appelman as Joe. He was absolutely spot on for what Brown looked like 30 years ago when he played The Kurgan in Highlander.

File under not A+ — there was a moment in there where Abbie and Hawley had sort of a look between them that Jenny witnessed. Let’s not go there, show. It would be beneath you to spin up these two badass sisters over a boy.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode.

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