A Secret Circle Script Has Been Completed

Back in October, it was reported that The CW was developing a series based on The Vampire Diaries‘ creator LJ Smith’s popular series The Secret Circle.

Recently, on LJ Smith’s blog, she mentions that a script has been completed, and that she’ll be reading it soon:

Incidentally, my agent has indeed rustled up some news about the CW’s option on The Secret Circle. It seems that a script has been completed—and I will actually get to see it soon. I can’t divulge any details about it but frankly I’m thrilled to be allowed to see the script. I am still quite uncertain about the project’s completion: in this business it’s best not to get your heart set on something this early.

The Secret Circle has the very talented Sarah Craft & Elizabeth Fain at the helm, known for their work on TVD, Whedonverse gems Angel and Dollhouse, and The Shield.

I recently completed The Secret Circle, and as someone who has always enjoyed a good story about witches, I was captivated. I’m hoping this series sees the light of day, and I’m excited to see how they’ll translate it from page to small screen.

Thanks to @80sRebelGirl on Twitter for the heads up on this!

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