Fringe Fridays Begin Tonight!

Friday night television is about to get a good ol’ dose of sci-fi, parallel universes, and Walter Bishop when Fringe moves to its new night and time!

Tonight’s episode, “The Firefly”, not only brings our fave team from Fringe Division back to the small screen, we also get guest star Christopher Lloyd. Okay, I can’t contain my excitement to see Walter Bishop and Doc Brown together! Could you just imagine the inventions those two could come up with?

At first, I was one of the many who thought Fringe moving to Fridays was a death sentence for the show, but I’ve decided to embrace the move and make an event out of it: some tasty takeout, a few beverages, and one of the best series on TV! I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Are you really going to eat while watching Fringe?!?” Don’t worry, I’ve got a strong stomach and a twisted sense of humour!

I suggest everyone make Fringe Fridays a weekly event, too. Get together and watch with friends. Organize a live tweet with your online friends. Heck, even if you have the urge to go out and party it up, you can still watch it and get out the door early enough to hit a dancefloor or two!

Tune in to Fringe tonight at 9/8c on FOX, and CityTV in Canada.

Photo and Video Courtesy of FOX.

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