Is Someone Going to Die on Bones?!?

There have been rumors going around for a few months that a big character death is coming up on Bones this season. Eek! Watch as each cast member makes the case for why he or she shouldn’t be the one to die, and showrunner Hart Hanson addresses how he himself started the rumors.

What do you think? Will Bones really kill off one of our beloved characters? If someone had to go, who would you pick? And who wouldn’t you be able to live without?

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4 thoughts on “Is Someone Going to Die on Bones?!?

  1. I feel like Angela is expendable but that would make Thyne’s character all sad and she’s right with the baby thing it wont happen. Mostly I’m just tired of her on again, off again, gay, pregnant again storyline.

  2. Since I don’t think anyone in the regular cast should get the axe, I vote Daisy. I love her and everything, but I don’t like losing characters I’ve come to love. NCIS did it twice to me. One of the reasons why I haven’t gotten too close to the Palmer character 🙁 Now I sound deranged… *sigh*

  3. Hmm. Much as I love Tamara Taylor, I’ve never really felt much attachment to Cam. I’d of course be really sad if she died, but not as devastated as I’d be if Brennan, Booth, Sweets, Hodgins, or Angela died. But I’m seriously doubting they’d kill off one of the main characters, so I’m not too worried. My money is on one of the squinterns, with the one I’d miss the least being Daisy.

  4. I’m sure it has to be one of the interns….I can do without edison. He brings nothing. Wendell is ok. But really the show started sloping when zack was written off

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