Saving Hope Season 4 Starts Production on June 1

CTV, ICF Films and Entertainment One (eOne) announced today that production of Saving Hope Season 4 begins on  June 1.

Season 3 ended with Alex becoming a mother to a baby boy, Luke, and a tragic accident killed one of Hope Zion’s finest. Season 4 picks up nine months after that accident, as Hope Z is still dealing with the death of a colleague. Alex is returning to work after her maternity leave and trying to be a working mom. Charlie is still being haunted by ghosts and wondering whether or not he’s Luke’s biological father.

Series stars Erica Durance, Michael Shanks, Wendy Crewson, Michelle Nolden, Benjamin Ayres, Julia Taylor Ross, and Huse Madhavji return. They are joined by Kim Shaw as Dr. Cassie Williams, “a book smart intern learning how to practice medicine, not just read about it,” and Max Bennett as Dr. Patrick Curtis, “a surgical fellow who has been filling in during Alex’s mat leave.” Rookie Blue‘s Travis Milne is also slated for a four-episode arc.

The 18-episode fourth season will shoot until December 2015. You can catch up on the first three seasons now at CraveTV.

Photo Courtesy of CTV

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