A Conversation with Between’s Jesse Carere

Last week, Between premiered on CityTV, shomi and Netflix, and we shared an interview with series star Jennette McCurdy.

Between continues this evening, and we have this conversation with Jesse Carere, who plays Wiley’s friend, Adam. Check it out, and then watch Episode 2!

Can you tell us a little bit about Adam and how he fits into this story?

Adam is more of the studious type. He fits in the story by trying to find the truth about what is going on in the town, so after the virus breaks out he is trying to basically find out how it started and why this is happening. Why are they putting a fence up? He is just always asking questions, he is very curious. He doesn’t hang out much with the other kids other than Wiley, Jennette’s character, and occasionally Gord, Ryan Allen’s character.

Adam’s a bit of a genius, so does that make him even more inclined to figure out what’s going on?

Yeah, he is definitely a little more inclined in the science way. So that arouses his curiosity naturally.

Is he viewed as a potential threat because he’s smart?

I don’t think anyone knows he is a threat. I think he is kind of a dark horse in that way, if that makes any sense. No one is thinking that he is going to come up with anything or solve anything or do anything big because he is very quiet. But he is definitely very involved in trying to find out what is happening.

What has been the most challenging aspect of playing this character?

Some of the stunts have been fun. I am not too familiar with stunt work. That is the most out of my comfort zone; I’m used to conversational stuff with acting, but stunts present a challenge. I feel a lot of adrenaline and I feel more prone to making mistakes when I do stunts, like not getting it right. Maybe I am not athletically inclined that way? So that’s been fun. There are a lot of set pieces with stunt work and guns and squibs and all that.

There is a lot of shooting. I am never usually the one shooting, but there are a lot of shootouts and I tend to be dodging and doing things more like that, and trying not to really ruin it for everyone else. I am not shooting guns and I still feel like I might mess up the shot by not hitting my marker, or not ducking when I’m supposed to.

It sounds like Pretty Lake is a little bit chaotic. Can you describe the atmosphere once they get caught up in this pandemic?

Once the fence goes up, and it is just the people under 22 –primarily kids — it does get very chaotic. You find it is kind of like they are traveling from one place to another. We have so many different locations on this show and it is like their own playground in a way, and I think that is fun to watch. Beyond that, they are trying to survive, so that adds an interesting element. They are really trying to stay alive. I think viewers will really like watching them run around in that way – even if it is chaos, even if it is tragic at times. It’s like staying in a mall on your own, if I could have the mall to myself, do you know what I mean? Because there is no supervision, you could go do whatever you want.

Are some of the characters rising to the challenge while others are taking advantage of being kids?

Exactly. Some characters are wreaking havoc and some are trying to do better for the town and for the people. Yeah, definitely.

Is there a looming threat for any of these kids who are approaching 22, an apprehension or a nervousness like, “Oh, my God, what happens when I turn 22?”

Yeah. There are several characters who are just on the brink of turning 22 and so that does come into play. I think those characters try to forget it because it is essentially like their imminent death is about to happen and so they are trying to just forget that and carry on.

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