Ringer: She’s Ruining Everything

The second episode of Ringer picks up the same pace as the pilot with an almost comical predicament for Bridget when she has to hide the body of her attacker before she can get out of town to meet Malcolm, and, in a surprise to no one, finds all her hand wringing was for naught because he’s missing at the end of the hour. In other developments, she finds a secret bank account that Siobhan had and empties it out with plans to fly to Malcolm, to whom she’s confessed her homicide, which puts him directly in the crosshairs of the same kingpin she’s running from.

What Bridget realizes though, and what forces her to stay put, is that to her amazement, she maybe actually likes these people in Siobhan’s life and finds that they give her something she didn’t know she was searching for. They bring out a maternal and responsible side in her that she didn’t know she had and someone she could be for others who she didn’t know she was capable of.

In other news, Gemma finds a hotel keycard and goes Defcon 1 on Mark, who swears he uses the hotel to write (sure, honey). We also meet Olivia (aka Warehouse 13’s H.G. Wells, Jaime Murray) who may or may not be sleeping with Chris, and who give Siobhan creepy “well played” kudos about orchestrating a pregnancy to keep her husband.

Everything comes to a head at a benefit that Siobhan had been organizing, which is sort of nebulously discussed so we’re not quite sure who the funds were being raised for. The party relocates to the loft after the original locale floods, which puts Bridget in a tizzy to supervise the loft setup in a ridiculous few hours and hide a dead body in a trunk. When the guy’s cell phone rings and she jumps up to turn it off (inside the trunk, mind you), she catches the eye of a lurky fellow, and when she goes back later (in a negligee and sweater and 4-inch heels!), the trunk is empty.

Bridget also has a heart-to-heart with Juliet about her brewing addiction, even holding her while she cries about her sorry state and a potentially brewing overdose from a mystery orange pill. Thankfully, Chris witnesses this and is starting to pick up on the fact that his wife is suddenly everything he hoped for, and probably never had, which of course is as confusing as hell.

In Paris, Siobhan finds out Bridget cleaned out her money and makes another phone call that to a mystery caller that they need to get their ass in gear on the plan because Bridget is ruining everything. We also get nine-year-old flashbacks to a drunken Bridget in a Lake Tahoe dive bar where Siobhan arrives and throws a roll of bills at her with an “I’m done” declaration that she needs to get her sh-t together.

I liked the second episode much better than the first. Aside from a weird audio echo, there were no LOL lost-at-sea type moments. I was surprised that the Feeb chasing Bridget just accepts that Siobhan won’t let him interview her. She brushes him off, and he goes to the local precinct to ask them to keep watch, but he doesn’t just haul her in. Whatever keeps him in the mix, I guess. I was glad Malcolm is still in the picture, too. SMG is still busting her ass as Bridget keeps up with everything Siobhan was doing above and below board. Bridget can’t take a drink, but we might need one every week.

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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