Ringer: If You Ever Want a French Lesson

Things get more and more complicated for Bridget in the third episode of Ringer as she wings it like crazy while still carting around a murder weapon in her purse. First up, Juliet is sent away to her mom’s, so that keeps the addict out of the picture for now. The downside is that leaves her alone with Andrew, who springs a day of couture and a night at the ballet on her as a thank you for the successful party last week.

This has the opposite result of her mistakenly (or is she?) thinking he was the one behind the hit job on Siobhan because the picture used to ID her for the hit was once their holiday card. Gemma talks her down from the crazy that Andrew is actually a good guy and Bridget mea culpas herself to Andrew but still doesn’t cop to her ID. And I find it odd that they haven’t kissed yet. That’s weird, right?

Also complicating things is that the hit man’s cell phone has started ringing. The caller is the guy from last week who made the body disappear and he’s tailing Bridget’s every move. She sets up a chat with Machado to keep the guy off her back, with the promise that she can be as much a problem as he is.

Henry is complicating his own life by seeking to pull his money out of the Martin investments so he can self publish his book and Olivia clues Gemma into it, which isn’t protocol but gives Gemma the upper hand. Andrew’s unhappy with Olivia for the ruse, so there’s some sort of odd agenda there with her and Henry.

In Paris, Siobhan flirts with and nearly beds a stranger in a bar and then comes to her senses and boots him from her suite. Then she calls Henry and doesn’t speak to him while she holds in her hand a hot pink and positive pregnancy test. As for Malcolm, he’s been picked up and slapped around by Bodaway but he never caves about knowing Bridget’s location. We were also flashback free this week.

SMG is running her butt off as Bridget flits from crisis to crisis. I’d like to know if she’s ever been in New York before, because she seems to always know where she’s going and how to get there. At one point, Machado calls her out on Siobhan’s affair with Henry and how she’s now flighty and forgetful and acting differently but he never goes straight to YOU ARE NOT SIOBHAN.

Lots of threads going on there, yet it still feels like we’re staging the bigger show. I hope it gets a little less laughable as far as the crisis of the week goes. It’s a step in the right direction that Bridget’s trying to make peace with Andrew. I’d like us to get an episode where she’s maybe getting to enjoy the lifestyle she’s been dropped into without sort of being terrified of it.

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