Previewing Moonshine “There is No I in Denial”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Tuesday on an all-new Moonshine, hell hath no fury like a sister who’s lost a finger to a goat and been publicly cuckolded by her husband — and her sister. To say that Rhian is on the warpath might be a bit of an understatement.


She escalates retaliation against both Terry and Nora, and then Lidia seems to get caught in the crossfire, which takes their animosity to a whole other level.


Bea invokes a Finley-Cullen truth-telling/peace-keeping measure called the “Flip-Flop of Truth” and when that gets them nowhere, they take their drama to the water. It’s an opportunity for more rational, empathetic responses to factor in, but maybe not for all parties.


And Oscar’s busy accelerating his investigation, despite his entanglement with Rhian.


Scott Smith directs a script by Matt McLennan.

Moonshine airs Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. The first two episodes are now streaming on both platforms. If you missed them, our interviews with series creator Sheri Elwood and the cast are here.

[Update 7/4/23 — Moonshine Season 1 will begin airing in the US at 9 p.m./8c, Fridays on The CW starting July 7th.]

Photos Courtesy of CBC.

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